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Personal Computer and Workstation Technologies


Compaq AP550 Professional Workstation

The Compaq AP550 Professional Windows NT Workstation offers 128MB of memory and a 9GB or 18GB hard drive (10 or 20GB are optional), and five expansion slots–four for PCI and one for AGP Pro 4X. The machine features an Intel Pentium III processor in a convertible mini-tower design. Contact: Compaq Computer Corp., Houston, TX; (800) 88-TEACH;

Gateway E-1400 Series Workstations

The network-ready E-1400 Series systems from Gateway are designed for distributed teaching labs as well as administrative environments. The E-1400 incorporates a tool-free design that allows the user to open the case by simply pushing a button. The motherboard slides out without tools, and the CD-ROM, floppy disk, and drives are mounted on accessible drive trays for quick removal. The E-1400 includes an Intel 400MHz processor and 64MB SDRAM. Contact: Gateway 2000, North Sioux City, SD; (800) GATEWAY;

HP Kayak XU PC Workstation

The HP Kayak XU offers a Pentium Xeon 550MHz version of the powerful 2D and mid-range 3D PC workstation running Windows NT. Features include 512KB or 1MB L2 cache and rewritable CD drive. The workstation comes with a free suite of manageability tools for contol of computing assets, including MaxiLife, for managing critical systems components; TopTools for asset management, trouble-shooting, and software roll management; and ConfigTailor to deploy and provide recovery for HP PCs. Contact: Hewlett Packard, Santa Clara, CA; (800) 752-0900;

IBM RS/6000 Model 43P-140

This entry-level graphics workstation offers a wide range of options, including choice of processor speed, storage devices, and communications features, allowing users to configure the system for particular needs. Graphics capability makes the Model 140 an appropriate solution for demanding 2D or high-function 3D applications. Contact: International Business Machines, Inc., Armonk, NY; (914) 499-1900;

Sun Ultra Workstations

Sun offers two new workstations in its more affordable Ultra line. The Ultra 10 is designed for 2D and 3D content creation, software and Java application development, financial analysis, and GIS applications. It offers a 440MHz UltraSPARC-IIi processor with 2MB cache, up to 1GB DRAM and up to two 9GB hard disks. The Ultra 5, featuring a 360MHz UltraSPARC-IIi processor and up to 512MB of EDO DRAM, was developed for software and Java application development, electronic design automation, data collection/retrieval, and digital content creation. Both allow the user to run PC productivity applications at native speeds alongside technical UNIX applications. Contact: Sun Microsystems, Inc., Palo Alto, CA; (650) 960-1300;

Tangent Workshop 700

This entry-level workstation features the power to run MCAD, ECAD, GIS applications, or to create digital content on the desktop. The 32MB 100MHz machine includes diskette drive and CD-ROM drive as well as an optional DVD. The 700 runs on the Windows NT 4.0 operating system. Contact: Tangent, Burlingame, CA; (888) TANGENT;


Desktop Computers

AcerPower Desktop Computers

AcerPower computers range from entry-level models to more powerful workstations. All Acer systems are equipped with Intel processors running Windows operating systems (some systems allow the installation of multiple Windows operating systems). Included is a custom-designed warranty program for education. Models run from the Acer 2100 with its small footprint and integrated design to the fully loaded high-end Acer 8600. Contact: Acer America Corp., San Jose, CA; (800) 391-ACER;

Apple iMac DV

The Apple iMac DV features either a 350- or 400MHz processor, 64- or 1288MB of SDRAM, ATI Rage graphics accelerator, and 56K modem. The DV model comes loaded with iMovie software, which allows users to make their own movies. The DV model also provides a standard VGA output port and video mirroring support. An available FireWire cable connects a DV camcorder to the computer. For a limited time, Apple is providing a free FireWire cable with DV-model iMacs. Contact: Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA; (408) 974-0210;

Dell OptiPlex GX100 and GX110

The OptiPlex GX100 features a 433MHz Intel Celeron Processor, 64MB SDRAM, and a 6.4GB hard drive. The GX110 comes with a 533MHz Intel Pentium III processor, 64MB SDRAM, 13.6GB hard drive, and Sound Blaster AudioPCI. They include integrated Intel 3D graphics, dynamic video memory technology, integrated security, fault management, data integrity, and configuration monitoring manageability features. Contact: Dell Computer, Corp., Round Rock, TX; (800) 274-7799;

Gateway Profile All-in-One Desktop

Gateway Profile All-in-One Desktops feature a sleek 15-inch LCD that is only 3 inches deep, integrated multimedia and communication tools, industry-standard manageability, and 64MB SDRAM. The Profile is designed to fit into a compact space while providing the ease of use of a desktop computer. Contact: Gateway 2000, North Sioux City, SD; (800) GATEWAY;

InfoGOLD Pentium III Desktop

InfoGOLD offers a special system featuring Intel Pentium III processor and AMD K6-2/3D 400MHz PC 100. The system is DVD ready and includes diskette and CD-ROM drive. It operates on the Windows 98 operating system and includes a 15-inch monitor. Contact: InfoGOLD, Milpitas, CA; (800)

Premio Telesto3 Series

The Telesto3 series features 32MB SDRAM, integrated 10/100 LAN chipset, ATI video, and a choice of processors. A 15-inch monitor is available. Windows 98 or NT comes preinstalled. This alternative to a more expensive mainstream desktop promises seamless integration into any network featuring the Premio Titan server. A remote LAN wake-up feature allows for remote maintenance without interruption. Contact: PREMIO, City of Industry, CA; (800) 677-6477;

Toshiba Equium

The Toshiba Equium 7100 and 7300 series comprise a build-to-order system that includes a range of options for customizing a lower-priced desktop solution. Available with the Intel Pentium III processor, all Equiums feature a single cross-platform NLX motherboard solution, configuration builder CD, single pre-install image, common components, and an Instant Access Door for quick upgrades and easy maintenance applications. Contact: Toshiba, Irvine, CA; (800) TOSHIBA;

Portable Computers

AlphaSmart 2000

The AlphaSmart 2000 is a portable keyboard or note taker compatible with any Macintosh or PC. It enables students to practice keyboarding and to write and store reports, essays, and notes without having to be at a computer. The device allows users to provide technology access to an entire classroom of thirty students for the price of two or three computers. The product includes a full-sized keyboard and four-line text display. It weighs two pounds and runs on three AA batteries for up to 300 hours of typical use. Contact: AlphaSmart, Cupertino, CA; (888) 274-0680;

Compaq Presario Notebooks

Compaq’s Presario series includes the 1900T line of customizable or pre-configured portables. Each features a Pentium or Celeron processor of at least 400MHz, removable drive wedge, second-generation DVD ROM drive, and the Microsoft Featured Home Collection including MS Word, Money, Works, and Encarta. The 1900T is ultra-thin and light. For the buyer who d'es not want to build a customized system, various models are available in pre-set starting configurations. Contact: Compaq Computer Corp., Houston, TX; (800) 99-TEACH;

DreamWriter I.T.

The DreamWriter I.T. portable computer features a laptop design with hinged screen display, a Hitachi SH7709 process with 80MHz, 128MB RAM, 64MB DRAM, and a 33.6kbps internal modem. The DreamWriter comes with a full-sized keyboard and stereo sound via its built-in speakers. Contact: NTS Computer Systems, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada; (800) 663-7163;

Freedom Writer Pro

Freedom Writer Pro’s all-in-one PC input device allows users to annotate projected slides to underscore a point, hand write notations over documents, or draw freehand. The user’s mouse pad converts to a graphics pad at the touch of a button. An on-screen keyboard allows users to type Web addresses, enter messages, and edit documents. Designed for presentations, collaborative meetings, and navigating the Internet, the product’s command buttons can be personalized to perform frequently used functions. Contact: Interlink Electronics, Camarillo, CA; (800) 340-1331;

IBM ThinkPad 600X

The ThinkPad 600X models feature an Intel Pentium processor up to 500MHz with 256KB Level 2 cache, 13. 3-inch active matrix display, an accelerated graphics port, and up to a 12GB self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology hard disk drive. The ThinkPad is about 1.4 inches thick and comes with a choice of CD-ROM, diskette drive, or optional DVD drive or SuperDisk. Also included are a microphone and speaker. Contact: International Business Machines, Inc., Armonk, NY; (914) 499-1900;

NEC MobilePro 750C H/PC

NEC MobilePro 750C H/PC is a hand-held computer small enough to fit into a briefcase or handbag. Weighing less than two pounds, the 750C features a high-contrast, 8-inch diagonal color display with touchscreen capabilities for immediate access to key applications. Ten programmable function keys are built into the keyboard. The 750C offers two expansion slots and a 80MHz processor. Other features include an internal microphone and speaker as well as personal information management software, which can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook, Scheduler, Exchange, Lotus Organizer, and other applications. Contact: NEC, Irving, TX; (800) 832-6632;

3Com Palm VII
Connected Organizer

The Palm VII provides many of the same features of 3Com’s Palm III and Palm V series, but with the addition of wireless access to the Internet. Slightly higher in price than the other Palm models and slightly heavier (at 6.7 oz), the Palm VII offers 2MB RAM, weeks of battery life on two AAA batteries, and compatibility with Windows 95 or higher as well as Apple System 7.5.3 or higher. The applications include a date book, address book, to-do list, memo pad, calculator, games, Web clipping, and desktop e-mail connectivity. Contact: 3Com, San Jose, CA; (408) 326-5000;

Toshiba Satellite 2100

Toshiba Satellite 2100 offers a 400MHz AMD processor with 3DNow technology, 56K modem, large hard drive, 3.5-inch disk drive, and CD-ROM drive. The multimedia package includes a 12.1-inch diagonal active matrix color display, Toshiba 3D sound system, and S3 ViRGE MX 3D graphics controller. The computer, which weighs less than six pounds, comes with Windows 98, Outlook, Internet Explorer, and other applications. Contact: Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc., Wayne, NJ; (800) 631-3611;

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

Designed to incorporate features from both Windows 98 and NT, Windows 2000 Professional offers 64-bit Windows, a new interface that is designed to reduce desktop clutter and simplify the Start menu, and built-in Internet Explorer 5. Windows 2000 Professional works with any server. Contact: Microsoft, Redmond, WA; (800) 426-9400;


IBM RS/6000 Servers

IBM offers several models of RS/6000 servers. At the high end is Model S80, the newest member of The RS family of enterprise servers. Powered by a 64-bit microprocessor, it promises fast Web serving and ERP capabilities and is appropriate for server consolidation or to run supply-chain management, customer relationship management, online transaction processing, and business intelligence. The RS/6000 Model B50 is optimized for the service provider industry, and is a lower-cost, high-density rack-mount system. The B50 is designed for applications such as Web hosting, caching, messaging, firewalls, directory services, and e-commerce. Contact: International Business Machines, Inc., Armonk, NY; (914) 499-1900;

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

The Windows 2000 Server family consists of three editions: Standard, Advanced, and Datacenter. At the core of the 2000 Server is the Active Directory, which provides a centralized way to manage users, groups, security services, and network resources. Windows 2000 Server also provides a set of Web and Internet services that allow schools to utilize Web technologies. Standard is designed for small- to medium-sized school applications. Advanced is appropriate for database-intensive work. DataCenter, a specialized high-end product, is optimal for large data warehouses, econometric analysis, large-scale simulations, and large-scale ISPs and Web-site hosting. Contact: Microsoft, Redmond, WA;
(800) 426-9400;

SGI 1000 Family

SGI offers a new family of servers, the 1000 series. The series includes products ranging from two-way rack-optimized servers to four-way workgroup and applications servers, to eight-way database servers. Recent models include the 1400M, which runs the Microsoft Windows NT operating system, and the 1400L, which runs the Linux operating system. Designed for high-demand, compute-intensive environments, these servers can be used to manage digital content. The new server line offers lower prices than previously available on SGI servers. Contact: SGI, Mountain View, CA; (650) 960-1980;

Security Software

Fortres 101

Fortres 101 security agent examines everything the user attempts and decides if the operation is prudent from the system’s and administrator’s perspective, giving administrators strict authority to specify which applications may be executed and which settings may be modified. Administrators can manage groups and users remotely using the Central Control 4.0 plug in. The product prevents users from interrupting boot process; exiting Windows; accessing a DOS prompt; adding, moving, or deleting icons; installing, copying, or downloading software; and more. Contact: Fortres Grand Corp., Plymouth, IN; (800) 331-0372;


WinShield from Citadel Technology is desktop management and security software for Windows, designed to protect and secure shared desktops and workstations in computer labs and other settings. The application sets restrictions on tasks that users can perform and which program icons and start menu items they see, and can control when users can access the Internet, FTP sites, Web sites, and e-mail. The software can be used with Windows 95 or NT. The stand-alone Winshield for workstations is installed and configured at each PC, and the settings are password protected. Contact: Citadel Technology, Dallas, TX; (800) 962-0701;

Productivity/ PC Management

Aladdin StuffIt Deluxe 5.5 Expander

The award-winning, industry-standard StuffIt Deluxe makes your files smaller to allow users to put more onto a hard drive, Zip disk, or any type of storage media. Along with a comprehensive array of translators and decoders, StuffIt Deluxe simplifies exchanging files with other Macs, PCs, or Unix-based computers. Version 5.5 includes faster compression and expansion, Macintosh OS 9 compatibility, and Zip compression option. Contact: Aladdin Systems, Watsonville, CA; (831) 761-6200;

Altiris Vision

Altiris Vision allows users to teach and train on networked computers, monitor student PCs, guide students through complex problems, monitor call center computers, and remotely control network computers. The software solution also lets users lock student keyboards and mice. Contact: Altiris, Lindon, UT; (888) 252-5551;

Computer Video Star System

CVSS is a tool that enables teachers to control every student monitor, mouse, keyboard, and multimedia resource in the computer classroom. Instructors can transmit their own screens, transmit a student screen, blank out student screens, and utilize various audio and video support options. Contact: Califone International; Chatsworth, CA; (818) 407-2400;

Collaborative Classroom Gold

FirstClass Collaborative Classroom is an open, all-in-one Web hosting service that allows instructors to publish course materials, moderate class discussions, and more. Instructors can format text using various colors, fonts, and sizes to grade or comment on work submitted electronically. Drag-and-drop graphics files embedded in the text and attachable audio and video files enhance collaboration. FCCC Gold is compatible with Web page construction tools and supports HTTP PUT for easy uploads as well as Web access to the address book, preferences form, résumé, and other custom-made forms. Users can register and change their account passwords from the Web. Contact: SoftArc, Markham, Ontario, Canada;
(800) SOFTARC;

MacDrive 98

MacDrive 98 allows Windows to understand Macintosh disks. Because it works transparently, users can copy, open, save, delete, and rename files on Mac disks. Contact: Media4 Productions, West Des Moines, IA; (515) 225-7409;

MacLink Plus Deluxe 11.0

MacLink Plus enables users to open Windows files on a Macintosh computer. Features include a file-conversion utility for translating files between a Mac and Windows PC; translation of word processing, spreadsheet, graphic, and database formats; the ability to open unreadable e-mail attachments; and control-click access for OS 8 and Power Mac users. Contact: DataViz, Trumbull, CT; (800) 270-0030;

NetSupport Manager Version 5.0

NetSupport Manager software enables support managers to provide spot support to end users without leaving their desks. Both the end user and support person can see the problem in real time and reduce support costs. NetSupport Manager is fully cross-platform compatible. Contact: NetSupport, Cumming, Georgia; (888) 665-0808;


Accessories and Peripherals

AnyPoint Home Network

The AnyPoint Home Network solution from Intel allows users with a single phone line to simultaneously use the Internet and telephone. Other features include the ability to print from a hard drive to a remote printer and to play network-ready games from separate command posts. Contact: Intel, Santa Clara, CA; (408) 765-8080;

ClassNet and ClassNet Twist

ClassNet is a tool that instructors can use to control student use of monitors, mice, keyboards, and multimedia resources. The hardware solution allows users to project their screens to any or all student monitors, view a single student’s screen, scan all students’ screens, share programs, and transmit files and messages to and from students. The product allows instructors to carry on real-time two-way computer dialogues. ClassNet Twist uses just one CAT5 UTP cable and is easily expandable. Contact: Minicom USA, Holland, MI; (800) 922-8020;

GyroMouse Presenter

GyroMouse Presenter is a dual-mouse product that assists presenters, educators and trainers in performing computer-based presentations ‘in air’ instead of relying on the desktop for cursor control. GyroMouse Presenter allows for intuitive gesturing and interaction with multimedia presentations without the need to point at the screen. Motion-sensing technology tracks the user’s hand movements, guiding the cursor. The cordless RF product has a range of 60 feet so presenters can move about without tripping over wires. Also included is GyroTools software, a set of special effects, multimedia, and presentation management tools. Contact: Gyration, Saratoga, CA; (408) 973-7053;

Intel PC Camera Pro Pack

The Pro Pack PC camera lets users make video phone calls and import video to a PC from a camcorder or VCR. It also allows users to record video and take snapshots to be stored or manipulated on the PC. Contact: Intel, Santa Clara, CA; (408) 765-8080;

Iomega Clik! PC Card Drive

Iomega’s Clik! Drive fits inside an available PC card slot on most notebook PCs. The drive allows users to supplement limited hard disk space, take files home or on the road, send multi-megabyte data to remote users, and organize files by project and topic. Users can move data between PCs and handheld electronic devices, archive e-mail, and back up work in progress. Contact: Iomega, Roy, UT; (800) 697-8833;

RealPort Integrated PC Card

RealPort PC Cards can be plugged directly into standard RJ-45 Ethernet or RJ-11 telephone cords to access information remotely. Global-Access features include extensive country approvals, which automatically configure the modem to local dialing conventions. The product offers LEDs for status information at a glance, protection from high-current digital phone lines, and easy exchange of PC cards without having to reload card drivers. Contact: Xircom, Thousand Oaks, CA; (805) 376-9300;


The MIND PATH IR50 wireless mouse control acts just like a regular computer mouse, but allows the user to give flexible presentations up to 45 feet away from the computer. The product features 20 built-in special-effects infrared receivers, serial port interface, and presentation F/X software. Contact: Sharp Audio Visual, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; (888) 552-9943;

TouchStation Touch-Enabled iMac

The Touch-enabled iMac is the latest Kiosk Touch monitor from MicroTouch. Using durable ClearTek 3000 screens, which fend off environmental contaminants and water, the portable TouchStation kiosk is quick to set up and transport. The TouchStations arrive ready to use with pre-installed and configured software. Contact: MicroTouch, Methuen, MA; (800) 642-7686;


Computer Comforts

Computer Comforts manufactures furniture for a wide variety of computer applications, including solutions for electronic classrooms, modular racks for network environments, and adjustable tables and chairs for ergonomic requirements. The latest network environment furniture features legs constructed of strong 14-gauge 2-inch tubing, steel-reinforced shelves, and horizontal stabilizers. Contact: Computer Comforts, Houston, TX; (281) 488-2288;

Paragon Furniture Deluxe Lab Workstations

The Paragon Deluxe Lab workstation series includes the CD54R, CD66R, and CD78R, which include one or two CPU racks. All feature heavy steel construction, adjustable legs up to 32" ADA height, and all-metal components that are power coated for long life. At the rear of the desk unit is a full-length wire management chase with pivotal pin door. Cords and wires pass through the top directly into the chase. CPU racks are standard, but taller tower racks are available. The workstations are available in twelve standard finishes. Optional accessories include keyboards, surge protectors, and storage/book racks. Contact: Paragon Furniture, Ft. Worth, TX; (817) 581-4045;

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