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News 01-22-2002

Stanford to Develop Online Courselets for Grad Studies

The Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD), working with its School of Engineering faculty, said it would develop a portfolio of online "courselets" -- self-contained sets of Web-based learning materials and tools -- to support online graduate courses in engineering, science, and engineering management. The two-year project will be supported by a $400,000 grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, with additional resources from Stanford University. Each courselet will cover a specifically targeted "chunk" of material supporting an existing course, material that would consume one to three hours of learner time. Courselets will include self-assessment tools and will be indexed, guiding students to study only areas they need. Jim Plummer, dean of the School of Engineering, called the project "one that can equally benefit all engineering and science students, regardless of location."

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University Group to Drive Signal Processing Tech

Texas Instruments announced last week a three-year, $3 million donation to Georgia Tech, MIT and Rice University in Houston to bolster research in digital signal processing, the technology underlying applications ranging from face recognition to wireless video transmission. Rice University engineering school dean Sidney Burrus said the money would help a research group looking into a seamless protocol so that computer users can retain consistent network connections while roaming from various locations. Another group is working on providing enhanced multimedia services for wireless networks. Al Oppenheim, a professor of engineering at MIT, called the program "a perfect example of how collaborative relationships between universities and public companies should work."

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Campus Pipeline Unveils Web Upgrade, Six Products

Education software developer Campus Pipeline Inc. unveiled an upgrade of its Web Platform and six new products designed to extend the platform's capabilities across the campus enterprise and to give users greater ability to customize. The Web Platform 3.1 integrates on a central network campus applications including student information systems, learning management systems, academic resources and campus news. The new products provide handheld-device access, personalized content delivery, and portal-building tools for groups, classes, and campus organizations. The new version also includes a new Course Portal feature for easier access to course tools, and portal content, directory, and messaging server upgrades.

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Schools Broadcast Sports to Student, Alumni Desktops

The University of Oklahoma, Iowa State University and Texas Tech University have begun webcasting a subscription-based video and audio sports programming to the desktop PCs of fans, students, and alumni. The weekly sports and campus-news broadcasts are sent via a web video-streaming technique by CABC Inc., a Dallas-based digital-media company. CABC said it establishes the online channel and handles production costs until the subscriber base reaches critical mass. Thereafter, the universities and CABC share costs and revenue. Steve Uryasz, associate athletic director with Texas Tech, said the technology allows the school to send "... high-quality broadcasts to fans at their desktops, and it's another way to raise money for athletics."

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Alabama to Develop Online Health Training Courses

The University of Alabama will partner with a developer of web learning programs for environmental, safety and health (ES&H) professionals to produce online continuing education courses. The company, GoTrain Inc., develops compliance-based e-learning programs that address standards mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Department of Transportation (DOT). The university's academic expertise and educational ties to industry and government will be integrated with GoTrain's instructional design, technology expertise, and market reach in "hardhat and safety glass" industries to target the training needs of ES&H professionals throughout North America.

Other Deals, Contracts, Awards, in Higher Education

Washington University Medical School/Cognos/Practice Diagnostic Systems.

Washington University School of Medicine has purchased Cognos Inc.'s data warehouse technology and Practice Diagnostic System Inc.'s executive information system to give its employees the ability to access and analyze critical financial and productivity data at the school. The data is used to identify problems and trends in billing, accounts receivable, marketing, and provider productivity. Cognos and PDS deployed Cognos Impromptu and PowerPlay to employees in all 14 clinical departments.

University of Michigan B-School/Fry Multimedia.

The University of Michigan Business School has picked Fry Multimedia to redesign and reengineer its web site. The site will include customized sections for the school's various constituencies, including current students, prospective students, alumni, faculty and staff, recruiters and corporate supporters.

Leeds University/Interactive Intelligence.

Universatile Net Centres Limited, an job contact center based at Leeds University in the U.K., has deployed interaction management software by Interactive Intelligence. The software, called Customer Interaction Center (CIC), is designed to increase sales productivity and improve customer service. UNCL uses CIC's PBX, automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, unified messaging, reporting and recording capabilities. The software supports more than 35 sales agents, who are also university students, part of the university's plan to offer students additional on-campus jobs while taking advantage of a relatively inexpensive labor pool.

College of Notre Dame of Maryland/Datatel.

The College of Notre Dame of Maryland has picked Colleague, an enterprise information management application for higher education from Datatel Inc., to manage its administrative requirements. Colleague contains 35 integrated modules to help plan, manage, and analyze university business processes. The College of Notre Dame will replace its existing QuoData and PowerFaids software with Colleague's Student, Finance, and Human Resource Management modules, as well as Datatel's WebAdvisor.

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