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IT Trends for Thursday, February 26, 2004

Thursday, February 26, 2004

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Terry Calhoun, IT Trends Commentator
Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)
University of Michigan

Modern Classroom Design Happens With You or Without You. What’s Your Preference?

Technology-enhanced classrooms often serve, for a chair of a department or the dean of a college within a larger university, much the same function as do state-of-the-art media unions for college and university presidents. A major though sometimes unstated mission for the project, one perhaps as important as its functionality, may be as a showcase for prospective students and faculty, or donors. There can be a lot of ego involvement.

In such cases, the involvement of IT management (or even academic leadership for that matter) may be an afterthought, something tacked on after major decisions have already been made. That’s a serious mistake, but it’s one that’s repeated over and over on many campuses. You need to be ready, knowledgeable, connected, and ensure that decision makers and other stakeholders know that you expect and should be involved early on.

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US Navy Lieutenant Plugged into Texas A&M While At Sea

It's becoming commonplace for technology to let students stay involved in diverse higher education efforts while serving in the military....
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Dickinson College to Install Webcams Around Campus

Students will be able to check how crowded the dining hall is without leaving their rooms; parents and prospective students can check out live, moving campus views....
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Cyber-Literature Movement Big in China

On one Web site alone, more than 5,000 articles are self-published each day, not just providing an outlet for the otherwise unpublished, but sometimes a path to literary fame...
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Online Robotics Text Book Features 3D Imaging

"An Introduction to Robotic Manipulators — An Online Course in Robotics" at New Mexico Tech also has such features as interactive math formulas and is online at no fee for anyone to use...
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Targeted Woman Sues Record Industry for Racketeering

A New Jersey woman, targeted by the Recording Industry Association of America for her 23-year-old daughter's alleged file sharing, has sued the RIAA under federal RICO statutes...
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U. Wisconsin Closely Watching Others' Napster Experiences

Even in a world where residence hall amenities grow more important, UW-Madison is not sure universities should be in the business of providing music for students...
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Internet2's Abilene Upgrade Completed

New OC-192 circuits are leading edge and each router node now has service at 10Gbps...
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P2P Network to Benefit Public Agencies in Oregon Town

The new network will set up a distributed network with individual users machines and replace current city voice and data systems, providing a return on investment inside the first year...
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U. South Alabama Students Benefit from Research Park

Companies and organizations at the research park have contributed both dollars and technology to the university, and also provide both research opportunities and post-graduate employment in technology areas...
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Next-Generation Classrom at Central Michigan

There's no chalk in this building, and "even whiteboards take a back seat to enormous, super-high-definition video screens...
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Athabasca U. Publishes Open Source Book On eLearning

Chapters by practitioner scholars provide both theoretical and practical chapters about large-scale online program development and the book itself is open source, on the Web via a Creative Commons License...
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E-Mail List for Classroom Design

SMARTC is an online community for those involved in classroom design, including IT managers, architects, and contractors. Just send a message to [email protected] with the word “subscribe” in the subject line of your message. It’s a gratis and open Lyris-based e-mail list...


U. Louisville Runs MedReach Telemedicine System

The Department of Pediatrics of the University of Louisville School of Medicine installed MedReach, a telemedicine system from Trestle Holdings Inc. Using the system, patients at T.J. Samson Community Hospital located in Glasgow, Ky., and affiliated with UOL, will now have access to pediatric specialty care without having to drive 100 miles to Louisville. MedReach provides real-time integrated medical data sharing among physicians and patients while enabling the remote examination, diagnosis, and treatment of patients.

Community College Selects Centra's Virtual Classroom App

The Collin County Community College District (CCCCD), a suburban multi-community college campus in Texas, has deployed Centra Software Inc.'s real-time virtual classroom application to augment its distance education program and services. Centra was brought in to CCCCD through a technology grant from the state of Texas, and will help the college enhance student services in a number of areas outside of distance education. About 25-30 faculty and staff members will be delivering Centra-powered online courses, seminars and programs by spring 2004, with a goal of reaching up to 2,000 students, the entire distance education population.

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IT Compliance World 2004 May 17-19, Boston

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In general, is IT support given adequate consideration in the planning and development of new classroom spaces?

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Sun Rolls Out Java Desktop System for Higher Ed

Sun Microsystems, Inc. introduced the Sun Java Desktop System to the higher education market. The company calls the system an affordable, comprehensive, simple-to-use, secure enterprise-class desktop solution. It introduces a business model to education institutions that provides a single price of $25 per desktop per year for desktop software, maintenance, support and training. The competitive pricing for the education market represents a dramatic savings compared to Window-centric clients, says Sun.

The system includes an office suite, Web browser, e-mail, calendar, and instant messaging. Its fully integrated Java technology makes it ready to run Java-based applications with a consistent look and feel. The Java Desktop System follows Sun’s earlier delivery of the Sun Java Enterprise System to education institutions.

Macromedia Breeze Offers Distance Learning, Collaboration

Macromedia Inc. released Breeze, a simple-to-use platform to enable Web users a method for tapping instruction, meetings, and content without downloading special plug-ins or media players. The company says university and college faculty, staff, and students can collaborate, communicate, teach, and train with a single, easy-to-use, integrated solution that includes live meetings to on-demand presentations.

Allison Rossett, a professor of Educational Technology at San Diego State University, said, "Breeze is bridging gaps for us. I am posting short, targeted presentations and enjoying online meetings that enable us to talk across great distances and time zones, from San Diego to Hong Kong. Oh, it's not the classroom, but it's a darn good experience."

Publisher Using XyEnterprise Web Services Toolkit

GEX Inc., a service provider of textbooks, journals, and reference materials, has implemented XyEnterprise's XML Professional Publisher (XPP) to automate its publishing operations. GEX is using XPP and the XPP Web Services Toolkit to support customer interaction with their XML-based publishing workflows in new, innovative ways. The system is designed to receive native XML, perform complex formatting tasks automatically, and provide high-speed, high-quality output. Through the standards-based XPP Web Services interface, GEX customers can proof, modify, and publish their documents in a browser from virtually any location, reducing cycle time, and enhancing production quality.

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