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Syllabus News Update for Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Syllabus News Update:
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News for Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2004

* Firm Sends Course-Related Business Content for PDAs
* U. Rochester Signs Digital Music Agreement with Napster
* Penn State Business Intelligence Tool to Slice Student Data
* NSF Funds Software to Enhance Bioinformatics Education
* Transport Firm Named "Best New Corporate University"

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Firm Sends Course-Related Business Content for PDAs

Hill/Irwin, a provider of business and economic educational materials
for the higher ed market, introduced PowerWeb To Go, a collection
of course-specific articles, news, and Web sites designed for
handheld use. With the service, students can download regular
updates to their PDA and view up-to-date, course-specific information.

The service, owned by Hill/Irwin parent McGraw-Hill Higher
Education, gathers and organizes course-specific information from
magazines, newspapers, journals, news feeds, and Web sites and can
be loaded onto a Microsoft PocketPC or Palm PDA. PowerWeb To Go
also uses the AvantGo service to deliver content to mobile students.
All titles are available for preview with full versions available
to students at a cost of $5.95 per title.

Learn more:

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U. Rochester Signs Digital Music Agreement with Napster

The University of Rochester signed an agreement with Napster to
provide its 3.700 students living in the school’s residence halls
free access to Napster Inc.’s music download service. In addition,
Napster and the University' Eastman School of Music agree to
develop ways in which Napster can begin to provide original
content from Eastman students and faculty to service members
across the entire Napster network.

Monthly fees for the service will be funded by the University,
not by individual students, through the 2005 spring semester, at
which point it will be evaluated and permanent funding arrangements
within the University will be decided upon.

Penn State Business Intelligence Tool to Slice Student Data

Pennsylvania State University has started using a “business
intelligence” system to help analyze student and administrative
data, including alumni, development, graduate school, human
resources, enrollment, budget, and undergraduate admissions. The
software, from Cognos Systems Inc., allows administrators to slice
and dice school records to spot financial trends on campus.

Penn State's Graduate School is using Cognos to conduct an internal
review of 147 programs. Data is pulled from a number of areas:
admissions, enrollment, new student data, average graduate
standard exam scores, and average time to degree. This information
is then sent to the Graduate Council committee, which reviews the
data and identifies areas for improvement.

The system is also used by the Graduate School to report back to
state and federal organizations that provide funding for programs.
For example, the National Science Foundation requires data on
programs, gender and minority populations in order to fulfill
grant applications.

Cognos will be hosting a Web seminar on higher education on February
19. To register, visit

NSF Funds Software Firm to Enhance Bioinformatics Education

Incogen, a developer of software services for the higher ed medical
research community said it would port its Visual Integrated
Bioinformatics Environment (VIBE) software for classroom use. The
six-month pilot project is funded in part by the National Science
Foundation under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
program. The new software will address the lack of educational
tools in bioinformatics and the resulting shortage of trained
personnel with necessary skills to extract knowledge and derive
benefits from data generated in life science research experiments.

Incogen’s tools include GenePort, a Web-browser-based information
mining and management portal; VIBE, an extensible bioinformatics
visual programming and workflow management platform; and HDFR, and
Magelan, two image analysis software packages.

Learn more:

Menlo Named ''Best New Corporate University''

Menlo University, a training center for 12,000 employees who work
for transportation, supply chain management and logistics companies
that operate under the Menlo Worldwide brand, was awarded a
"Best New Corporate University" award at an annual conference for
commercial training organizations. The Corporate University Best
in Class (CUBIC) recognize corporate universities that are best

Menlo University offers Menlo employees e-based distance learning
and computer-based training programs worldwide. It maintains four
main campuses in the U.S. and Europe, including Dayton, Ohio;
Portland, Ore., Scranton, Penn., and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Expansion plans for the near future call for additional campuses
in Asia and Latin America.

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