IT Trends February 24, 2005

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Guest Column: An Invitation to ‘Think like an Instructor’

Terry Calhoun note: I’ve known Steve Ehrmann for many years. The work of he and his colleague at the TLT Group, Steve Gilbert, has been of great utility to the higher education organizations with which they have consulted and whose staff they have trained, and will continue to be important in years to come.

He starts off: “Let’s talk about what students do when they learn. How is that influenced by the designs of their classrooms, libraries, e-mail programs, and course management systems? Big questions, I know, so let me set the stage.” So, on to the stage setting and his call for ideas from you!

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New Field: Personal Information Management

University of Washington professor William Jones calls it 'personal life management': "Personal information management is about figuring out what we really need in order to make effective use of our information in order to get things done and make good life decisions." (Seattle Times)
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Accusatory Letters Go All Over Campus

After some RIAA complaints, administrators at Northern Kentucky University decided to send a 'cease and desist' letter to specifically identified students but instead sent them to the entire student body. Since then, file sharing has decreased. (The Northerner Online)
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Wireless on the Rise at Wayne State University

Before this coming summer, wireless access will be increased on the campus so that every classroom is on the network. (The Southend).
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Williams College to Cover Campus with Wireless

Williams is moving cautiously, but phase one will begin with 'student life' spaces and areas on campus, followed later by academic, administration, residential, and other areas. (North Adams Transcript)
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Computer Majors Shortage Warning Alert

Offshore outsourcing has cut into jobs, which has led to fewer students - now a backlash is expected in about 5 years when Baby Boomers start retiring and domestic computer major graduates are in short supply. (Red Nova)
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The Most Intriguing Episode in File-Sharing History?

It once declared war on the RIAA, but the controversial EarthStation 5 appears to now be defunct. This is a really comprehensive, in-depth article about something this writer had not previously known anything about.

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Indiana University Awards First Informatics Degree

Indiana University South Bend has awarded its first informatics degree, a Bachelor of Science. Robert E. Prange graduated December 2004 with a special emphasis on computer science. Two other IU South Bend students will graduate with informatics degrees in May 2005.
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Colleges Select Meru for Wireless

Hobart and William Smith Colleges selects Meru Networks for its Campus Wireless Deployment Plan. Meru enables HWS to meet growing demand for reliable wireless connectivity. (PR Newswire)
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Thursday, Feb.24, 2005

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Got Feathers in Your Keyboard? You Might, One Day

A professor of chemical engineering at the University of Delaware has proposed a $500k project to the USDA which would replace petroleum-based computer parts with keratin-based products. Keratin is the main component of hair and feathers. (Wired News)
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