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* Leaders in Higher Ed on Best Practices in Campus-Wide
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News for Tuesday, May 10, 2005

* High Ed Web Sites Runneth Over With Content, Study Says
* UW-Madison Group Evaluates Leading Desktop Search Tools
* CMS Update: Oregon CC G'es with Jenzabar Total Campus
* CMS Update: Blackboard Updates E-Commerce Platform
* Plum Gig: Santa Barbara City College Needs IT Veep

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You work to encourage your students to go further.
(Our job is to get you the technology that can keep up.)

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High Ed Web Sites Runneth Over With Content, Study Says

Higher education Web sites make up less than .01
percent of all Web sites, yet account for more than
2.5 percent of all available Web content, according
to an analysis by WebsiteASP, Inc., an application
service provider. Higher education institutions host
about 200 million Web pages divided between about
5,000 sites, the company found. This amounts to an
average of 40,000 Web pages per higher education
site, or about 250 times more pages than the average
site on the Web.

In contrast, there are about 8 billion Web pages
on the World Wide Web today, according to Google.
Those pages are served by about 50 million different
Web sites, with an average of 160 pages per site.
"Looking at these statistics--excluding only the
largest e-commerce and media-related sites--it
has become evident that there are no harder
working content managers than those at colleges
and universities today," said Lance Merker,
president of WebsiteASP, Inc.

The study suggested that higher education Web
sites have become "an important supplement, and
in many cases a complete replacement, for
information dissemination, research and transactions.
College web sites, and those who manage them, are
expected to offer an unprecedented volume and
variety of information and services."

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You're invited to a Webinar featuring: Longwood University

How Longwood University Simplified Their Email Infrastructure
May 11, 2005 @ 11am PDT / 2pm EDT

Hear Longwood University’s story about how they’ve overcome
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UW-Madison Group Evaluates Leading Desktop Search Tools

Desktop search tools show great promise for significant
productivity gains, but the technology is still
immature due to a lack of security and overall
manageability. That’s the conclusion of the University
of Wisconsin E-Business Consortium, a group of Midwestern
industry executives which is leveraging the research
resources of UW-Madison to share e-business and IT
best practices.

The Consortium recently conducted a benchmark study of
12 new desktop search tools to help companies evaluate
which best fits their needs. The tools were evaluated
for usability, versatility, accuracy, efficiency,
security, and enterprise readiness.

The best overall desktop search was Copernic 1.5 Beta
with Coveo, which the analysis found intuitive and
easy to use. The second highest scoring tool was
Yahoo! Desktop Search 1.1 Beta, which scored high
in versatility and supports more than 200 document
types. The third best tool was Wizetech Archivarius
3000 3.14, which ranked high in usability and
efficiency, and had the fastest search time of
all 12 desktop search tools.

"Desktop search tools will help boost not only
corporate productivity, but also creativity and
innovation," said Dr. Raj Veeramani, UW-Madison
professor of engineering and business, and
of the UW E-Business Institute and the UW E-Business
Consortium. “Such technologies will become essential
to compete in the emerging knowledge-based economy.”

For more information, visit:

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Responding to Technology Challenges with Innovation

As unique as one campus is from another, so are their
computing needs. Whether the issues are mobile and
wireless computing or the next generation of desktop,
innovations in technologies are sparking big
changes—and challenges--for institutions. Read
how six colleges and universities met their needs
and found solutions for their computing programs in
a new article on the CT micro site: “Computing Innovations
on Campus,” sponsored by Gateway. You'll also find
an extensive library of white papers, case studies,
product information, and resources to help your search
for higher ed technology information.


CMS Update: Blackboard Updates E-Commerce Platform

Blackboard moved to strengthen its position in the
campus e-commerce market by releasing the Blackboard
Transaction System - Universal Edition. The course
management platform vendor said the new product
would help clients "use a universal account on
campus, off campus, and online for all commerce
transactions, activities, facilities access and web services."

Blackboard's announcement said the company
spent a year developing the new release,
which features door access, the ability to schedule
utilities, support for multi-platform database and
commerce and access control transaction processing.
Door access, via a magnetic strip ID card, would
allow campuses to control and monitor campus
facilities. Door schedules, alarms and other
operating conditions can be adjusted depending
upon the needs of students and faculty. Authorized
users can see exactly who accessed various buildings
at what times.

At Black Hills State University, door access has
been set up for 59 doors on the campus. "Wh'ever
wrote this software really understands what campuses
need," said Jerry Swarts, Director of University
Support at Black Hills State University. "Not only
was it easy to set up and configure, but (it) offers
flexible monitoring capabilities of the alarms and
door status, which is something that was absent in other products."

CMS Update: Oregon College G'es with Jenzabar Total Campus

Tillamook Bay Community College, Tillamook, Ore.,
purchased Jenzabar Inc.’s Total Campus Management
System, vouching for its price performance. Ron
Ellison, dean of administrative services for TBCC
said the school required a "flexible 'end-to-end'
solution that fulfilled both internal requirements
for operational ease and cost control and external
requirements for role-specific access and improved
user experience." TBCC will use Jenzabar's ERP
system, Jenzabar EX, it's Web portal, Jenzabar's
Internet Campus Solution, and Jenzabar's Remote
Database Administration managed services.

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Leaders in Higher Ed on Best Practices in Campus-Wide
Spend Management

See how institutions such as Penn and Notre Dame brought
their purchasing to the next level. This free online
seminar sponsored by SciQuest covers how to eliminate
the headaches of manual purchasing processes through
automation from product selection to spend analysis;
overcome common roadblocks of supplier enablement,
content management and user adoption; integrate
e-Procurement with existing finance or purchasing systems
with minimal IT resources.

Plum Gig: Santa Barbara City College Needs IT Veep

Santa Barbara City College is inviting applications
for the position of Vice President, Information Technology.

Santa Barbara is a residential city of 94,000
located on California’s south-central coast.
Santa Barbara City College is a two-year public
community college established in 1909. About
17,000 students are currently enrolled in day
and evening credit classes. The Vice President,
Information Technology, is an executive level
position reporting to the
for providing leadership on all district IT matters.
Salary range for the position is $96,456 to $117,324,
plus $1,988 annually for an earned doctorate from
an accredited institution.

Applications can be had downloaded from Deadline for filing application
is May 31 at 4 p.m.
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