IT Trends June 9, 2005

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Service Delivers on Promise of Wiki

By Terry Calhoun

Wow! For a long time now, I have been asking around if anyone knows of a piece of software that would let me send email messages to an address where a database would then parse out the message and store it away in data fields – resulting in an online database that I can then manipulate.

Since I do a lot of scanning of the higher education environment and much of that is via the 1,500+ email messages I get each day (Yes, most are spam.), this particular feature would be useful to me, especially for the work I do for “IT Trends” finding news items and also for the work I do in preparing content for the weekly “SCUP Email News” that I edit.

Well, I found what I need, almost, enough–and it d'es so much more that I almost find myself unable to describe its features. Get it as soon as you can and put it to work for you. Read more


For Urban Planning or Litigating, Simulations Are Persuasive Tools

And it takes a supercomputer to do those simulations. In this case, it's at the Center for Computational Research (CCR) in he University at Buffalo's New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences. (University of Buffalo News) Read more

Hackers Hit Duke Health System

No patient information or financial information was compromised, but at least parts of many people's Social Security numbers were, and some passwords may have been. Approximately 15,000 Duke University (NC) IT users are having to create new passwords. (The Herald-Sun, NC) Read more

Hacker Breaks into Jackson Community Colege (MS) Community College Network

This break came when someone external hacked into the computer of someone with significant administrator privileges on the network. Lost, so to speak, were 8,000+ passwords, many of which were in fact users' Social Security numbers. (Government Technology) Read more

E-Mail Addiction Is Good!

Yeah, we're addicted to email alright; just like we're addicted to water, air to breathe, and food. And just like a carpenter is addicted to hammers and nails. The concept of a negative addiction to something that helps us get so much done is a reaction by people who feel they are being asked to do too much. Let's encourage this "addiction." (Forbes)
Read more


The Citywide Wi-Fi Reality Check

Philadelphia plans to have its 135-square-mile wireless blanket up and running by summer of 2006. This article explores some of the practicalities and also discusses other places working for large-area wireless blanketing. (CNET) Read more


Lehigh University Selects FootPrints to Power Help Desk Operations

Pennsylvania's Lehigh University has implemented the FootPrints program from UniPress Software to accelerate problem resolution, manage service and support requests received from various departments, and provide a history. (Computer Business Review)
Read more

SunGard Collegis to Manage Moraine Park Technical College's IT System

Beyond just managing the college's IT, SunGard Collegis will assist in developing and implementing a comprehensive IT master plan and provide 24x7 help desk services. (Orlando Business Journal)
Read more

Thursday, June 09, 2005

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Kayye Krystal Ball for 2005

What's going to be hot in converged audiovisual-information technology presentation and teaching tools? Well: digital content servers; DVI and HDMI; the Small ProAV System Commodity; and more and more of the 'Apple' style showing up in the hardware. (CTS)
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