IT Trends November 10, 2005

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Bill Gates and the Massively Disruptive 'Sea Change' in IT

By Terry Calhoun

Last week, Bill Gates said the information technology industry is experiencing a "sea change" that will be massively disruptive. He was speaking of the move to online software and services, from the traditional software-in-a-box model of sales and distribution.

He says that, like "The Internet Tidal Wave," the title of his famous memo of 10 years ago, we are about to be hit by a tsunami "services wave" that is quite threatening to a lot of how Microsoft currently d'es business.

I think he's right.

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The New Facebook Frenzy

This is the best news article we've seen yet about the Facebook phenomenon. Thoughtful and broad in scope. (The Snapper) Read more

Salisbury University Brings Student Code into the Digital World

We wonder how many colleges and universities have specific IT policies but have not yet brought the general student code of conduct up to date to account for the prevalence of digital technologies. ( Read more

Laptops Give Students a License to Roam at Carnegie Mellon

"If other professors did the same, they might be surprised. During a recent statistics class at CMU, one student with a laptop was seen pricing plane tickets and hotel reservations for a trip to Canada, another reviewing the Power Point lecture for a psychology class and a third e-mailing and checking Web sites like Nearly all of the students with laptops took a cyber detour from strictly class business at some point during the lecture." --Post-Gazette Read more

Routers Take Down Internet at Missouri Southern

MS tells the students that hubs are okay, but don't bring routers or switches. But, of course, many do - and problems result. (The Chart Online) Read more


Colleges, Wiretapping, and Online Monitoring: The Impact of the FCC's Proposed Regulations

The FCC wants higher education to spend billions of dollars to upgrade our networks so that officials can snoop better. Of course, they're not giving us any money. Find out more during this Council On Law In Higher Education webinar. (Council On Law In Higher Education ) Find out more


Holy Toledo! A Surprising Winner in Wireless Access

What a surprise. Toledo ranks above even Boston in being one of the USA's most 'unwired' cities. (Christian Science Monitor) Read more

Thursday, November 10, 2005

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Sony Aims at Pirates--and Hits Users

Got a music CD from Sony BMG. Be very, very careful. It might install a rootkit on your hard drive when you listen to it. And when you try to remove it, it might disable your CD player. Seriously! (Christian Science Monitor) Read more

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