IT Trends December 1, 2005

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The Turkey Techie and the CIFAC Report

By Terry Calhoun

So, before Thanksgiving I had told myself that I would read the CIFAC Project report and write about it. A quick glance had told me that it contained useful results from research of computer "incidents" and was probably not yet getting the attention it deserved.

I did read it over those holidays, and found myself reflecting on the practical aspects of the report as I served as the "Turkey Techie." You may have been one yourself over last weekend. Everyone brings their "expertise" to the Thanksgiving gathering: Susie has the French bean casserole recipe, Sheila can make that Finnish cranberry sauce, and you--well, you bring your IT experience.

You are the Turkey Techie. I am sure you have your own stories. Read more



Facebooks as a Student Code Violation Investigation Tool?

At many colleges and universities, students' own postings to their facebook are being noticed by administrators, who may pursue students for drinking violations, threats, and other actions the students themselves have documented on the web. (Northern Star, the student publication of Northern Illinois University) Read more

University of Mary Washington Hit with Streak of Laptop Thefts

On a Virginia campus which averages way less than 100 thefts a year, of all kinds, 11 laptop thefts in a single month is a big deal. (The Free Lance-Star) Read more

No Strings Attached at Columbia U

This article examines the current state of wireless at the university and also examines the coverage whys or why nots at a number of other institutions. (Columbia University Spectator) Read more

D'es Student's UNC Site Work Better Than the U's?

The user-defined website, a la Wikipedia, is at least hinted at here. By the way, have you seen what Wikipedia has to say about your college or university? You might be surprised if you looked. (The Daily Tarheel) Read more


Dell Unveils Campus Architecture Program

Dell Campus Architecture is "a portfolio of offerings to help simplify technology planning for colleges and universities. The goal of the program is to help schools more easily plan, procure, implement and manage their technology across the campus." (Enterprise Networks and Servers) Find out more


UPenn Library Aims to Upgrade Course Software

But how? Add more Blackboard features? Use the Wharton School's WebCafe software? Build from scratch using open source? Lobby Blackboard to add WebCafe-like features? (Daily Pennsylvanian) Read more

U Arkansas G'es with Answer Suite

Administrators expect the knowledge management and Web self-service software to ease access to information and communications for students, and others, while reducing phone calls and emails to staff. (CRM Today) Read more

Thursday, December 1, 2005

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Podcast Chaos Be Gone

Two new search engines claim to be able to search for words inside a podcast and, thus, to begin organizing that currently chaotic part of the Internet. (Wired) Read more

Campuswide Lecture Capture Systems Are Hard To Do

It may be inevitable, but it's not going to be easy. Some new products, such as Apreso Classroom claim to automate the process and make lectures available online almost instantaneously. (Conntact.Com) Read more

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