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MySpace Is, In Fact, Addictive

By Terry Calhoun

Beware. What little free time you might have could easily get sucked up inside of MySpace. What else is new? Well, this is a first-hand report.

On February 14, 2006, I bit the bullet and subscribed to MySpace. I now have eleven friends! No, make that twelve. Even cooler, one of them has been dead since 2002. Really, I spoke with him in a hotel restaurant the night before he had his fatal stroke, yet he lives on in MySpace.

MySpace needs to grow up a little in order to be user friendly for Boomers. It’s understandable that much of its content and structure is aimed at younger people, but there is potential there for all ages. It needs, for example, to permit me to not display my Zodiac sign – it d'es this automatically when I give it my birth date, which is required. I sure wish I could toggle that nonsense off.

My dead MySpace friend is “Steady” Ed Headrick, the inventor of the modern Frisbee™ and the grandfather of the most popular little-known sport, disc golf. You might have seen the episode of Believe It Or Not where Ed’s widow poured his ashes into molten plastic so that they could be molded into a series of expensive flying discs. I own two. One is a putter with which I made 500 putts with no misses and then retired. The other is a driver, which has been on the wall in my office since I got it. “Steady” Ed has 467 MySpace friends...

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IT News

ITS Recommends Students Use Wireless with Caution

Amidst concern about Internet security, the University of Idaho advises students against using ad hoc networks that are not monitored by the school's information technology staff…

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SPU Might Shut Down Computer Curriculum

Seattle Pacific University, where a young Bill Gates once programmed, is considering phasing out its computer science program due to decreasing student interest and unaffordable costs...

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Computer Monitoring to Stop at Pasadena Community College

Faculty at Pasadena City College got a little upset when they found out that routine monitoring was going on using software that looked for who was doing nasty stuff but without any kind of initial 'reasonable suspicion' based on individuals...

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Sinking a Music Pirate

A short editorial by a University of North Carolina senior tells of his experience being busted by the FBI for illegally sharing music on his dormitory computer...

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Deals, Contracts, Awards

Missouri State Students Get Access to IBM Technology

IBM's Academic Initiative benefits roughly 1,900 higher education institutions. As part of this program, Missouri State students and instructors receive $5 million worth of materials and training...

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Google-EarthLink Selected for San Fran Wi-Fi Project

San Francisco is well on its way to becoming the largest city with free wireless access, thanks to a recent city panel recommendation. After a six-week review, the panel’s recommendation allows the city to begin negotiations with Google and EarthLink...

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New Technology

PayPal to Allow Text Message Payments

No, not payments for the outrageous fees your service might be charging you, but payments to purchase things like DVDs and other items online through a code text-messaged to PayPal...

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Now Starring on the Internet:

How can something so outrageous, and that violates copyright so frequently, be considered by big-money movie studies to be a 'good corporate citizen?' If you thought MySpace was startling, YouTube will really get you!...

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Macalester's Own Version of iTunes?

Macalester College considered signing up for iTunes U. However, some say a small liberal arts school is not the right place for such a technological teaching tool. Apple Corporation has offered Macalester the chance to pilot its new file-sharing program…

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Headphones Go USB

Hamilton Electronics’ USB-compliant line of headphones eliminates the need for a sound card or any additional software…

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