T Trends :: Thursday, April 6, 2006


The Transition from IT as Infrastructure to IT as Ecosystem

By Terry Calhoun

As anyone who reads my column regularly knows, I am constantly trying to find the connection between IT and environmental sustainability. Not just the implications of upstream and downstream waste in the production of hardware and its abandonment, or the use of electrical power to operate machines, but in a larger context.

A lot of the wonderful things happening in the world of sustainability came out of both systems thinking and the application of computing power to defining and solving environmental problems. So I was delighted to read an article titled, “Managing the Digital Ecosystem.” It d'esn’t make the kind of connection I was looking for, but it d'es take a big look at the evolution of our computing and networking tools into their own digital ecosystem.

The article is from Issues Online in Science and Technology and was written by Carnegie Mellon University CIO J'el M. Smith and President Jared L. Cohon. They write in the context of looking for leadership strategies that work in the increasingly complex system of higher education IT...

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IT News

Spitzer G'es After Spammer Harvesters

Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is calling the situation "the biggest deliberate breach of Internet privacy ever."...(CNN.com)

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Online Classes: Bane or Boon?

The University of Central Florida finds a balance between campus and online classes by offering mixed-mode courses that take place in both places...

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Students Plan to Toss Council Votes After Glitch

Student government folks in Madison are pretty ticked off...(Wisconsin State Journal)

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Apples and, Well, Apples

The Beatles’ Apple Corp. and Apple Computer agreed some time ago on equitable use of an apple logo...(CNN.com)

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Deals, Contracts, Awards

IBM’s WebAdapt2Me Introduced at Cal State Long Beach

IBM’s WebAdapt2Me is still being developed, but given the aging Boomer population...

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Facebook Is on the Block

After rejecting a $750M bid, Facebook owners are looking to reap at least $2B...(Business Week)

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New Technology

'Kosher' Phone Merges Technology, Faith

It's stripped down and only d'es phone calls. It also has a huge list of dating and phone sex numbers blocked…(The Washington Post)

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Health Files to Go High-Tech

It's a nationwide trend. This article describes Arizona's plan to phase in paperless medical records over the next two years…(The Arizona Republic)

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New LCD Offers Mounting Flexibility

AG Neovo has launched its new E-Series line of LCD displays, featuring the E-19A…

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