IT Trends :: Thursday, May 4, 2006


Net Neutrality: Bedrock Principle or Intrusive ‘Performance’ Barrier?

By Terry Calhoun

We’re hearing more about “Net Neutrality.” Mostly, that’s because large broadband access providers are, in general, talking aloud about creating premium Internet services that would violate “network neutrality.” Although some countries have legislated network neutrality, the United States has not. So legally they can get away with it. I hope they don’t.

What is the opposite of network neutrality? Perhaps it is the existence of “discriminatory networks” (discnet). Why would some companies want to create discriminatory networks? Perhaps it’s for more profits and fear of changing competitive pressures as Web 2.0 evolves in the near- to mid-future?

What d'es a discriminatory network look like? What we’re talking about here is “concierge service” or “first class.” You know, like where about 20 people get to share an entire airplane bathroom for themselves while everyone else lines up at the back of the plane, bumping against other people, waiting for their turn.

But in this case, the “first class” is for bulk e-mail advertisers who can afford to pay extra to get their messages into your bathroom (I mean inbox.) ahead of or instead of everyone else’s...

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IT News

Universities Need a Privacy Refresher Course

Why aren't higher education institutions prioritizing Internet data security?…

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Securing UC Berkeley's Network

The University of California at Berkeley has made a name for itself in networking...But the school has made headlines over the past few years for some things of which it is less proud...

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Universities Snatch Up Unused Cable for High-Speed Networks

Higher education is still benefiting from the telecomm industry's struggles...

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Movie, Record Industries Target College LANs in Piracy Battle

"We cannot ignore the growing misuse of campus LAN systems or the toll this means of theft is taking on our industry.”...

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Deals, Contracts, Awards

Apple to Recycle Old Macs for Free

Apple moves closer to at least emulating other manufacturers with its new "trade-in" deal...

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Durham Public Schools Get Duke's Old Computers

Duke has begun a project to place about 1,000 of its used but stable computers into…

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New Technology

Your Thoughts Are Your Password

What if you could one day unlock your door or access your bank account by simply "thinking" your password? Too far out? Perhaps not...

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Internet2 Unveils Plans for an Improved Version of Its Academic High-Speed Network

Abilene could be replaced within 18 months by a "new network [that would initially] carry data on 10 different wavelengths of light...

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Welcome to College, Here's Your Windows Live Account

WindowsLive@edu is Microsoft's wedge into student user loyalties. It's already signed, or is about to be signed…

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Millsaps College Students Build Web Database for Red Cross

Millsaps is in Mississippi, and its computer labs were full of Red Cross workers doing computer stuff post-Katrina…

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