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How Do You Get the News?

By Terry Calhoun

Up until very recently, I read five or more newspapers each day. I would stop on the way home after work and purchase the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit News, and the New York Times. I would already have the Michigan Daily because there is free distribution of it in the lobby of our building. And the Ann Arbor News is waiting for me by the mailbox when I get home.

Now I'm down to only the Ann Arbor News and the Sunday New York Times. Why is that? Has my reading speed slowed? No. Can I no longer afford to buy so many papers? No. (Although my wife is happy that I don't spend that money.) Am I just too busy in the evenings doing housework? Absolutely not!

Maybe you've guessed by now that "Why is that" is a trick question. Actually, the language of the factual set-up to the question is misleading. Here's how...

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IT News

New IBM Program to Woo Appalachian Students into Tech Jobs

Technology programs at Appalachian colleges are at risk because of declining enrollment...

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Sacred Heart Latest University to Lose Identities

A local Fairfield, CT, news station reported that Sacred Heart University mailed 135,000 letters about the identity theft incident...

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Campus Outlaw Organizes New Way for Union College Students to Buy Books

A pair of sophomores at Union College created an online textbook exchange program...

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FEMA Talks About IT Lessons Learned

This interview with CIO Barry West and Deputy CIO Jeanne Etzell of FEMA talks about post-Katrina...

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Deals, Contracts, Awards

Dell Donates $50 million to UT

Wow. The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation just gave $50 million to the University of Texas...

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U of Illinois CIO to Lead Information Technology at Davis

Peter Siegel "reorganized [University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's] central computing, educational technologies, classroom technologies, computer labs, data, and voice communications units into…

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New Technology

MIT P'et's 'Seeing Machine' Could Give Blind Access to Internet

After 10 years of research, a senior fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Center for Advanced Visual Studies has created a $4,000 device that...

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Tales from the Front: GWU Automates IP Address Management

George Washington University looks to save some money by purchasing four BlueCat Adonis 1000 machines...

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U-M Library Launches Deep Blue: More Access to U-M Scholarship

The University of Michigan is sharing more than 24,000 research items with the public via a new searchable Internet library system...

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Heroic Computer Dies to Save World from Master's Thesis

A solid fake news piece from the Onion...

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