C-Level View :: October 11, 2006

Executive View

A Utility Model or Innovation in IT?

By Scott Menter, University of California, Irvine (CA)

Life in the more affluent regions of Southern California d'es not normally invite comparisons with the bleak existence one might experience in your average refugee camp. There is one event, however, that tends to remind us sophisticated, suburban, “Left Coast” yuppie types that we’re just one errant tree branch or lightning strike away from medieval-style anarchy. I refer, of course, to our unfortunate penchant for power outages.

Normally I never, ever, spend any time thinking about the people at Southern California Edison whose job it is to provide me with limitless, uninterrupted, spike-free power. Never, that is, until the lights go out. Then in the dark, sweltering room, as I’m tripping over the dog while trying to find where I left the flashlight the last time this happened, I suddenly find myself thinking about them a lot...

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Worth Noting

Annual Campus Computing Survey Results Released

The Campus Computing Project has released its 2006 National Survey of Information Technology in U.S. Higher Education. Among the many areas studied, the comprehensive survey report highlights a milestone. Wireless networks now reach more than half (51.2 percent) of college classrooms. And the report passes along the good news that security incidents actually declined in the past year...

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CDW Security Report Card

CDW Government Inc. this week released the results of the CDW-G Higher Education IT Security Report Card 2006, which surveyed 182 higher education directors and managers from a range of types and sizes of institutions across the U.S. about IT security in the higher education environment...

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From the Personnel Office

WFU Provost Will Step Down at End of Academic Year

Wake Forest University (NC) Provost William C. Gordon has announced his plans to step down at the end of this academic year. Gordon, who joined WFU in 2002, currently serves as co-chair of the council for the university’s strategic planning process, which began this past spring...

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