IT Trends :: Thursday, October 19, 2006


More Transparency, Coming Right Up!

By Terry Calhoun

I’m finishing this on a flight from Detroit to downtown Washington, D.C. And I’m writing about “transparency” once again because I can’t seem to stop thinking about that concept lately. I’m reminded of it everywhere I turn.

Walking to my gate in the terminal, I saw but could not hear a commercial on a flat screen television that showed a poor soul in a middle seat of an airplane trying to work on his laptop with some level of confidentiality. Of course you can’t do that on a flight, really, and I don’t particularly care if the attractive and obviously European (although so far silent) lady sitting in the next seat reads what I write.

But the fellow in the commercial apparently cares. He looks to his left, and the person looking at his screen on the left looks away, just as the person to his right starts staring at his screen, then he looks to the right and his co-passengers switch gazing directions. I hope the commercial is set to some kind of bouncy music. What is it selling? A screen that slips over your screen and presumably prevents the person on either side from viewing your screen. Then the poor fellow in the middle will be safe from spying.

Good luck with that...

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