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Trying to See Past “The Singularity”: Accelerando and Glasshouse

By Terry Calhoun

“How do you cope with a universe in which human scale thoughts are about as significant to the real course of events as the barking of dogs is to air traffic control?”

As I write this, I am putting down the book I just finished at the downtown Washington, DC, airport: Glasshouse by Charles Stross. I recommend it, as well as a previous book by Strosser, Accelerando. I finished the last 100 pages or so of Glasshouse while sitting up against the glass in the terminal on a very gray day, hogging the single working electrical outlet on a two-outlet panel, listening to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (with headphones).

“It’s hard to say who you are these days, but you ride on anyways . . . don’t you, baby?” was an appropriate phrase to hear as I finished this book, and the uncertainty created by human-designed modifications to bodies, brains, memories, and personalities certainly makes it hard for the characters to know who each other is. Here are some comments by Strosser regarding the singularity an Accelerando...

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IT News

What Is the Worth of Words? Will It Matter If People Can’t Read in the Future?

“Reading itself is an inherently artificial human activity…”...

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The iPod Revolution

It’s official now...

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Faculty Voice Discontent to Trustees at Ohio University

This article has little to do with information technology...

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An 'Open Book' Future Is On the Way

Now the author of a paper or book can act more as a...

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Deals, Contracts, Awards

More Batteries Recalled – Few Consumers Bother

The latest recall brings the number up over...

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UB Provides Community with Assistance, Expertise in Wake of Storm

The University of Buffalo has reached out with…

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New Technology

Microsoft Eyes Future of Teleconferencing with RoundTable

Microsoft’s new product...

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Our Cyborg Selves

Are we already “bioborgs?”...

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The Information Factories: Welcome to the Internet Cloud

Google is leading the way to...

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Spamming Worm Gets into Cal Poly Computers

No one is sure how it got in yet...

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