IT Trends :: Thursday, November 2, 2006

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IBM Blue Gene Finds a Home at Harvard

Harvard's entity is called CrimsonGridBGL and connects via DEAS’s Crimson Grid, a campus-wide research network with very high speed. CrimsonGridBGL is the size of two desks but has the crunching capability of several thousand powerful desktop machines. Use of the machine will be open to DEAS affiliates who submit a proposal to a core faculty consortium, although the faculty members making up the consortium have priority of access. Other universities that use the Blue Gene Solution technology include MIT and Boston University

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Apple + New Patent = iPhone Speculation

It's only a matter of time before your smart phone, Web browser, PDA, and music machine are all in the same device. Recent patent filings have created speculation that we might see something like this from Apple in the very near future. Apple previously launched a co-branded cell phone with Motorola, called the ROKR, but the phone was dogged by negative reviews…

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Boston University Students Produce Movies with Cell Phones

Amp'd Mobile and a Boston University class of students are working together. The students are making short films using only cell phone videos, which Amp'd will then distribute. One of the toughest parts of the class is deciding what to label their work product: ‘mobisodes’ (mobile episodes), ‘mobilettes,’ or ‘cellenovelas’ (cellular telenovelas)…

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The Future of CPUs: What's After Multi-Core?

Nice article that covers: Predicting the Future, The State of the Art, RISC Versus CISC, SIMD and More, Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), What Else Can Go on a CPU?, Heterogeneous Cores, Hardware IPC, The Future…they all add up to “Who knows?” The author points out a good trick for predicting the future: “ Things always trickle down eventually from the high end to the consumer bracket.”…

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