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SmartClassroom :: Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Paying Online

By Matt Villano

In the era of debit cards and online bills, paying college tuition with an old-fashioned, honest-to-goodness handwritten check is quickly becoming yesterday’s news. The name of the game these days is electronic payment. This technology enables students or parents to immediately pay for tuition directly from a credit card or checking account over the Internet, without ever having to pick up a pen. It’s quick. It’s painless. What’s more, it can save schools valuable time and resources processing transactions.

Striving for Efficiencies
Take Pennsylvania State University. There, students had spent years asking for convenient ways to pay for tuition, outreach programs, sports camps, and more. To meet this demand, the school recently set out to implement an advanced credit card payment solution that could integrate with its existing IBM Web-Sphere system. The solution would need to accommodate the various requirements of more than 100 departments. And equally important to Penn State officials: They needed a solution that wouldn’t break the bank...

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News & Product Updates

Call for Entries

Good news for schools in need of high-end projection capability...

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NEC Launches Education Rewards Program

NEC Corporation of America is launching a new rewards program called NEC Star Student. This program helps educational institutions acquire visual displays needed to share information and move students to new levels of discovery without straining the university’s budget...

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RateMyProfessors Adds Pictures took on a whole new meaning when the service added a feature enabling students to add photos of their professors...

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Case Study

Speaking Their Language: UCLA Language Courses Use Online Voice Tools

By Linda L. Briggs

It’s tough to master a new language without speaking it, of course. So it follows that language courses that incorporate speaking as much as possible can help students learn faster and better, and help professors better assess their progress.

To that end, the Center for Digital Humanities at UCLA, part of UCLA’s Center for World Languages, has been using a suite of communication tools that allows students to use online tools they’re familiar with, such as e-mail, chat rooms, and discussion boards, with a voice component. The Center for Digital Humanities serves the humanities division at UCLA, which encompasses most of the language teaching and learning groups at the university...

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Tech Notes

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Data Pioneers

By Matt Villano

Everyone on your campus needs information, and if your institution is like most schools, you have plenty of it to share. But which types of data warehousing and business intelligence systems you choose, and how accessible, usable, and meaningful those tools make all of that information, remain the big questions for many technologists and administrators. Fortunately, there are always those brave pioneers, willing to move forward into uncharted territory. It’s from those who go first that the rest of us take our cues... (Campus Technology)

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Reader Response

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