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IT Trends :: Thursday, January 11, 2007

IT News

Content (Maybe) Really Does Rule

The 2007 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is more than ever focused on content, as evidenced by keynoters from Disney and CBS. It's about time the hardware and software folks started in with more consultation of content providers. Says Karen Chupka, vice president of events and conferences for CES, “we're hoping to show [content owners] that there are a lot of different options that they can use to distribute their content…”…

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Survey Illuminates Teen Social Networks

Ask your typical 15- to 17-year old and you'll find out what the Pew folks did: 70 percent of the girls and nearly 60 percent of the boys have profiles on social networking sites. And those numbers don't vary all that much if you look at ethnic or economic groups!…

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'Computer Addiction' Worries Faculty at Indian School

Suicides of students whose grades had slipped and whose social life was apparently lacking – due to excessive virtual/digital life – have faculty in Indian schools concerned about their students....

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Foreign Hackers Gum Up University of Arizona Computers

Thirty servers and more than 350 work stations were compromised over the last few months at the University of Arizona. Most of the hacking was to install software that let the hackers store files on the machines, but some machines have key stroke and password capture software installed. The affected servers and computers were removed from the campus network, and all computer network managers have searched their areas for intrusion.…

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