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Hitachi's CP-X615Emergency Notification via Projector

Hitachi America has introduced the CP-X615 3LCD projector. Featuring the company's PJMan projector management software, the CP-X615 can be remotely controlled and maintained via a LAN network connection. The projector also features Hitachi's proprietary My Image technology, which allows IT administrators to transfer still images, such as emergency alerts, from a PC to each projector on the network (including machines not in use at the time). The CP-X615 offers a brightness of 4,000 lumens, 1000:1 contrast ratio, anti-theft features, and 4-watt built-in speakers. MSRP: $8,495.

Privaris's plusID 75Bluetooth-Enabled Biometric Token

Privaris has announced the plusID 75, a multifunction biometric identity verification token featuring Bluetooth technology with an added layer of encryption during data transmission, for heightened security. The plusID 75 provides secure wireless access to PCs, networks, and VPNs, using an individual's fingerprint to grant access to critical IT resources and data. Each token also supports logon via USB, plus physical access to secured buildings and facilities via low- and high-frequency RFID. To ensure personal privacy, the plusID 75 performs all biometric processing, including matching, on the user's personal device rather than an external database. MSRP: $150.

Maplesoft's Maplesoft-MAA
Placement Test Suite 3.0Web-Based Math Placement Testing

Maplesoft, in conjunction with the Mathematical Association of America, has released the Maplesoft-MAA Placement Test Suite 3.0, a collection of math placement tests developed by the MAA and administered via the Maple T.A. web-based assessment system. The PTS system enables colleges and universities to administer placement tests before students arrive on campus, providing more convenient access for test-takers, and allowing schools to quickly place students in the right courses. Highlights of the PTS 3.0 release include the availability of MAA calculator-based tests, as well as improvements to infrastructure that offer more options for analyzing test results and providing feedback to students. Pricing based on a per-student fee.

Toshiba's Satellite P300Sleep-and-Charge Laptop

Toshiba's new Satellite P300 laptop series sports high-definition 17-inch widescreen TruBrite displays as well as the latest Intel Centrino Duo processor and AMD Turion 64x2 dual-core mobile technology. New "sleep-and-charge" USB ports allow users to charge mobile devices such as MP3 players, mobile phones, and PDAs while the laptop is powered on or off. A webcam with facial recognition software provides access control, and new LED-illuminated "feather-touch" multimedia command keys allow users to control audio and video playback with the touch of a finger. Starting price: $949.99.

Crestron's CEN-UPS1250UPS and Power Conditioner

Crestron has introduced the new CEN-UPS1250 intelligent uninterruptible power supply and power conditioner. In the event of power failure, the CEN-UPS1250 instantly transfers power to battery backup, while protecting components from power spikes, ensuring that data and system settings are not lost and that presentations or other mission-critical operations are not interrupted. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Crestron RoomView software and any 2-Series control system, the device monitors conditions such as power line integrity, rack temperature, and backup battery life, and then reports system status locally, via a touchpanel, through the RoomView software, or by sending automatic e-mails to selected individuals. One CEN-UPS1250 can power an enclosure full of equipment for several minutes without interruption and, in the event of a prolonged power outage, can manage an automatic shutdown of components. MSRP: $2,100.

HearMe's Version 3.0Putting the Video in Videoconferencing

HearMe has announced Version 3.0 of the HearMe web-based desktop videoconferencing solution, featuring video presentation capabilities as well as user interface and audio quality enhancements. A new Video Library allows meeting presenters to upload and broadcast prerecorded videos to all room participants, while the improved presentation mode and document-sharing capabilities give a presenter more control and flexibility over videoconference content. Pricing starts at $29 per month for a five-person online meeting room.

Sony's VPL-EX5 and VPL-EX50Compact LCD Projector Line

Sony has unveiled the VPL-EX5 and VPL-EX50 entry-level LCD projectors, designed for use in classrooms and conference rooms. The VPL-EX5 and VPL-EX50 offer 2,000 and 2,500 lumens of brightness, respectively; native XGA resolution; and can project an 80-inch image (viewable area, measured diagonally) from a distance of approximately 7.5 feet. Brightness and panel reliability have been increased by Sony's BrightEra technology, based on an inorganic alignment layer that produces a stronger bonding of molecules, making the panel more resistant to damage from UV rays. MSRP: $1,050 for the VPL-EX5, $1,270 for the VPL-EX50.

HP's 2133 Mini-Note PCMini-Notebook PC

HP has announced the 2133 Mini-Note PC, a full-function, mini-notebook PC weighing in at slightly more than 2.5 pounds, designed for the education market. The device features an 8.9-inch WXGA display, touchpad, and full QWERTY keyboard. Wireless technologies such as integrated WiFi-Certified WLAN and optional Bluetooth allow users to access the internet as well as communicate via e-mail, IM, chat, voice over IP, and blogging. An optional integrated VGA webcam enables video and still-image capture, to facilitate the addition of photos and video clips to presentations, documents, and e-mail. Starting price: $499.

Policy-Based Configuration Management

Tripwire has introduced the newest version of its flagship product, Tripwire Enterprise 7.1, which ensures IT configuration integrity across an organization's IT infrastructure, and manages internal and external policies, increasing IT productivity and easing IT security and compliance. The product captures configuration settings by creating a "golden policy": Users can create and save a known and trusted IT configuration for easy duplication across other systems, so that IT infrastructure does not have to be evaluated manually. Tripwire Enterprise 7.1 has expanded capabilities to proactively assess institutions' configuration settings against internal and external standards. The product offers out-of-the-box security, compliance, and operational policies, as well as improvements in policy customization and test management. The system's Remediation Advisor functionality provides step-by-step remediation based on a wide variety of external IT resources, reducing the research time and effort needed to remediate problems. Contact vendor for pricing.

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