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CT Solutions

Tangent's Evergreen 17Green All-in-One PC

Tangent has announced the Evergreen 17, an ultra-slim, all-in-one touchscreen PC featuring environmentally friendly low power requirements and reduced maintenance. The Evergreen 17 delivers power efficiency at 24 watts and 72 percent less energy usage than Energy Star 4.0 limits. It comes with a Via Eden 1.0 GHz (fanless) or Via C7 1.5 GHz (low-noise fan) processor, and can be ordered with an optional solid-state hard drive, to provide a 100 percent solid-state system with no moving parts to fail. Starting price: $1,195.

Angel Learning's ePortfolio Version 2.1Advancing ePortfolio Assessment

Angel Learning has released Angel ePortfolio Version 2.1. Developed in collaboration with the Angel user community, the new version provides enhanced usability and tighter integration with the Angel Learning Management Suite. A new ePortfolio drop box in the Angel LMS allows instructors to assign ePortfolio work from within the LMS, making it easier for faculty to incorporate ePortfolio activities and assessment into course curricula. Version 2.1 also allows instructors to set portfolio achievement-exercise due dates, to prevent students from modifying an assignment or its attached artifacts beyond a specified date. Contact vendor for pricing.

Chief Manufacturing's PAC521P In-Wall BoxPower-Infused Mounts

Chief Manufacturing now offers power-infused mounts and accessories, adding power, power conditioning, and surge protection to the company’s in-wall box. The PAC521P In-Wall Box (pictured) for flat-panel display wall mount applications replaces the need for an outlet while providing AC cleaning for the best equipment performance. The power conditioner is also available as a separate product, the PX2W Power Outlet Conditioner, for use with other mounting products and accessories. Price: $189 for the PAC521P; $149 for the PX2W.

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