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N4B1 by LG ElectronicsNAS With Blu-ray

The LG Electronics N4B1 is a network-attached storage device with a built-in Blu-raywriter, offering advanced data management with data archiving and automatic disk backupfeatures. The drive has up to 4TB of storage through four-bay configurations; the Blu-raywriter serves as a secondary storage medium, with each disk holding between 25 and 50GB. When data are saved to the Blu-ray disk, the N4B1 automatically creates a catalog ofthe disk's contents for easier archiving. The N4B1 is compatible with Windows,Linux, and Mac operating systems. Contact vendor for pricing.

PJ359w by ViewSonicUltra-Portable Widescreen Projector

ViewSonic's PJ359w projector is designed specifically to be compatible withwidescreen applications. A brightness of 2,000 lumens and 1280 x 800 WXGAresolution help create crisp, detailed images in any lighting situation. Weighing in atunder 4 pounds, the projector boasts a slim design and easy adaptation to various projection environments.The PJ359w's short-throw lens enables a screen size of 50 inches to be projected from just 5.2 feet. A direct-off modeallows the device to be unplugged and stored while bypassing the usual cool-down phase, a feature that also protectslamp life from sudden power blackout. Contact vendor for pricing.

Xpack Internet Computer by ModerroTurnkey Cloud Computer

The Xpack Internet Computer from Moderro Technologies is a turnkey web-centric cloudcomputer targeted for use in campus and training facilities, kiosks, and libraries. With anoperating system written by Moderro specifically for interacting with web-based applications,the Xpack includes a USB keyboard, mouse, and standard VESA mount option,which allows the hardware enclosure to be mounted to the back of an LCD display.Power-saving technology and software-driven power-management functions make the Xpack's energy consumption afraction of that of a regular computer. The device is a solid-state computer with no moving parts, ensuring reliability, andhas no local storage (users keep their data on Moderro's integrated cloud storage, or on a personal USB storage device),helping to protect the system from viruses and other malware. Prices start at $395.

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