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Manufacturers Debut Pico Projection Products Using Texas Instruments DLP Pico Chipset

A number of recent new product introductions offer more evidence that Pico projectors are being embraced by manufacturers. Texas Instruments announced the company's DLP Pico chipset is the technology used by four companies with new product releases. They are Samsung, WowWee, Optoma, and Dell.

TI said the DLP Pico chip is capable of projecting images up to 100 inches, yet the chip is half the size of a postage stamp. While consumer products are expected to lead the first wave of adoption, education is among those markets that will soon follow. The ability to project images from small devices means nearly any space can be turned into a classroom.

Another application TI said could flourish using Pico projection technology is digital signage. Projector company Christie used DLP Pico technology to develop MicroTiles, modular digital display tiles that can be stacked and clustered like building blocks to create display walls of any shape or scale. This type of application could allow educational institutions to add digital signs in places where it is currently awkward to do so owing to limitations of the physical space.

The newest products to incorporate TI's DLP Pico chipset include:

Further information about the DLP Pico chipset can be found here.

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