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Genetec Adds Intermittent Video Stream Recording

A company that specializes in creating physical security gear has just updated its software to enable security users to manage video archiving. Genetec has added a feature it calls "video trickling" to Omnicast, its video surveillance management software.

The feature provides two new operations. First, it uses capabilities of IP cameras and encoders from Axis, Bosch, and other Genetech partners to record and store video on those devices with SD/SDHC cards, USB storage, or an iSCSI or internal hard disk. Second, it allows segments of video to be "hand selected" for long-term storage on Omnicast's Archiver. The new feature is available in version 4.7 of Omnicast.

Video trickling is a follow-on to the company's edge-recording functionality, which provides a way to play video recorded on edge devices.

The operator controls what video will be transferred and when by creating rules within Omnicast. The transfer can be done on a schedule, on an event, or manually. The amount of video transferred can also be controlled based on filters such as time ranges, playback requests, events, alarms, video bookmarks, or an interval when a unit is offline.

Instead of a continuous stream of video from the camera to the archive, only some video will be transferred. The advantages are twofold: This approach decreases bandwidth use and allows the user to specify the transfer during low network utilization periods; it can also eliminate the need for a dedicated archive server in locations that are offsite and connected via a wide area network.

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Dian Schaffhauser is a former senior contributing editor for 1105 Media's education publications THE Journal, Campus Technology and Spaces4Learning.

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