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StudyBoost Brings Assessments to Text Messaging

StudyBoost has released a mobile platform that helps student learn using text- or instant messaging-based quizzes. allows for open-ended, multiple choice, true/false, fill-in, or essay question formats. Teachers can export from the statistics page and grade answers.

Students or teachers using the mobile platform can:

  • Add StudyBoost as a friend on his/her instant-messaging account or as a contact in a mobile phone;
  • Set up a batch of questions and answers on or choose from the library of questions. Batches can be individualized or shared among groups or an entire class;
  • Send the word "go" from the phone's text messaging platform or instant-messaging client to receive the batch questions;
  • Type "next" to receive the first question, etc. Answers are typed using full words.
  • A response is provided whether the question was answered correctly or incorrectly.

Additional features of StudyBoost include: customization per user such as setting time delays between questions, randomizing questions, replying with a correct answer if answered wrong, or asking the student to try again.

A statistics page includes the ability to view percentages per batch and student, to view the number of questions answered correctly or incorrectly, to view the number of consecutive questions answered correctly or incorrectly, and to view a history of past answers.

StudyBoost additionally includes functionality to embed an instant-messaging-style chat box within Moodle.

Supported instant-messaging platforms include AOL AIM; Facebook Chat; Google Chat; ICQ; Jabber; Live Messenger; MSN; and Yahoo! Messenger. Students can sync their phones with the teachers' device.

For more information, visit the StudyBoost Web site.

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