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U.S. Naval Academy Personalizes Training with iPad-Controlled AV System

The United States Naval Academy is tapping wireless AV systems in an effort to enhance physical training among its students.

The Annapolis, MD-based institution has deployed AV tools from Xantech to play personalized weight-training videos, room and conditioning schedules, and sports videos in its weight room at Ricketts Hall.

The Xantech components consist of several IPR S232 XtraLink IP modules, two CWTC10 Wireless Touch Controllers, a WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller, and CSPLCD64G in-wall touch panels. These tools control and distribute media to the audio-video system. The media is stored on computer systems with RAID drives and six HDMI video outputs.

These components control an FSR HD Video Matrix System, 16 55-inch LG plasma monitors separated into five zones of video, and an audio system that includes a BiAmp Nexia networked digital audio process.

IPR S232 XtraLink IP modules control the monitors through Xantech CWTC10 10.4-inch WiFi tablets in the control rack and weight room. In addition, athletes can adjust the system via iPad or through the installed VPN Network. These are all components of the WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller.

Features of the standalone-WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller include:

  • Web-based management for room control and system diagnostics;
  • Two IR ports;
  • Two serial ports;
  • Two contact closure ports;
  • Two digital in/out ports;
  • Two Ethernet ports for TCP/IP telnet control;
  • An FTP server to store and back up files; and
  • An event manager, which can run timed, calendar, telnet and serial events.

The U.S. Naval Academy is a four-year institution in Annapolis, MD, for those interested in joining the service. The academy sits on a 338-acre campus, which is a National Historic Landmark. Ricketts Hall houses the football locker room, a physical training facility, a 12,000-square-foot weight room, and offices for the Naval Academy Athletic Association.

For more information, visit the Xantech Web site.

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