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Kno Adds Analytics, Flashcards to Digital Textbooks

Two new capabilities, Kno Flashcards and an analytics tool called Kno Me, will soon be available with smart textbooks distributed by Kno, a Santa Clara, CA-based provider of educational software.

Kno Me is designed to help students improve their study habits through graphical feedback based on data about their study habits. Real-time behavioral analytics will be provided through Kno Me via a dashboard with feedback on learning metrics such as time spent with the book, knowledge of terminology, and quiz results.

Kno Flashcards allow students to test their knowledge and improve retention with more than 40 million flashcards based on key terminology from more than 150,000 e-textbooks provided by Kno from more than 45 publishers, according to information provided by the company. The flashcards, based on pedagogical research to aid in promoting learning, are interactive and designed to play off of what students may or may not be picking up from the textbook.

Both features are designed to allow students more control and direction over their own learning and to transform passive learning into a more meaningful and engaging process.

"The future of education will be driven by analytics and self-paced learning. We are taking the first step by making the student more self-aware of their study behavior to help them visualize how they engage with materials or benchmark themselves against previous students who took the class," said Osman Rashid CEO and co-founder of Kno. "This will eventually lead to improved outcomes for students and near real-time insights for professors on student engagement."

Other features currently offered by Kno's textbook app include highlighting, note-taking, bookmarking, Quiz Me, 3D, Smart Links, and Journal.

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