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U Puget Sound Adopts New Operations Management Applications

As part of its "Optimize Puget Sound" initiative, the University of Puget Sound is overhauling its student, financial, and human resources systems. It is implementing Oracle PeopleSoft's Financial Management, Human Resources, and Student Administration applications, as well as Oracle Hyperion Public Sector Budgeting and Planning, all of which will run on an Oracle Database. The university has already begun the implementation project, with plans calling for completion in December 2013.

The university's legacy system was a combination of custom in-house and third-party software. The system was becoming expensive to maintain, and it did not provide adequate reports, forecasts, or analytics. The university needed a system that was easier to maintain and able to transfer data between departments.

After reviewing a number of products, the administration selected Oracle's PeopleSoft applications for their reporting and budgeting tools, as well as their ability to exchange data with external systems, including mobile applications. As a result of the change, the university reported it will standardize its business processes and adopt best practices, and the new system's reporting and analytics capabilities will enable the institution to improve its strategic planning and decision-making processes.

"By moving from a piecemeal system consisting of legacy homegrown software and acquired ERP modules to an integrated Oracle software environment, the University of Puget Sound will realize a tremendous opportunity to transform and streamline its operating processes," said Sherry Mondou, vice president for finance and administration, University of Puget Sound. "We expect our new system to enable us to efficiently and effectively focus on what is best for our students and the university as a whole."

The University of Puget Sound is an undergraduate liberal arts college located in Tacoma, WA. It serves approximately 2,600 students. The new system will provide access to approximately 3,700 students, faculty, and staff members.

Further information about Oracle's PeopleSoft applications is available on the Oracle site.

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Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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