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On Bike Share Launches New Bike Sharing Service

On Bike Share (OBS) has launched a new campus bike share system designed to provide an alternative transportation choice to college and corporate campuses.

Designed to make bicycling a bigger part of both college and corporate campus life by covering all the steps from implementation, maintenance, and tracking, the system uses key locking technology, back-end software, and bicycles with chainless technology to make things go. Chainless bicycles remove the majority of maintenance needs of chain and derailleur systems.

It's designed to deliver “an alternative transportation solution in a safe and cost-efficient way while at the same time tracking how often the bikes are being used and ensuring that the system remains in good working order,” said David Boyce, co-founder of On Bike Share in a news release, adding that it meets the demand of campuses “always looking for ways to be more green” by addressing issues such as parking spots and the need to provide sustainable transportation alternatives which reduce carbon emissions.

Users registered with OBS can remove a chainless bike from the integrated lock with an existing ID card. Once in use, they can take the bikes wherever they need to go and securely lock them into any standard bicycle rack.

Newer versions of the bike share system are on tap for later this spring, the company said.

More information is available at

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