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Leads360 Unveils Admissions Call System

Leads360 has released Dial-IQ Inbound and Dial-IQ Multi-line for college and university admissions departments.

Dial-IQ Inbound sends phone calls to the appropriate admissions counselors and tracks them with analytics, allowing enrollment officers to develop follow-up contact strategies. Dial-IQ Multi-line prioritizes which potential students should be called and when. The system uses “business logic,” depending on pre-set capacity, the lead's location, and point in admissions process.

Additional features of Dial-IQ Inbound include:

  • Integration with Leads360 enrollment management platform, which monitors campaign progress using call-tracking and analytics tools;
  • Recognition of incoming calls, which allows admissions staff to target leads to the right counselors;
  • Support for targeting calls to counselors based on a variety of criterion, such as skills, expertise, and performance;
  • A shotgun feature, which rings all the phone lines in a defined group;
  • A hunt feature, which starts with one phone ringing, and then, if nobody answers, goes to the next one; and
  • Customization of call flow.

Other features of Dial-IQ Multi-line include:

  • Scaling of outbound lines based on pre-determined rules;
  • Simultaneous personalized messaging, while calling the next prospective student;
  • A Safe Harbor Message, which is played if a counselor doesn't answer the phone within two seconds; and
  • Listing of phone calls based on highest-value leads.

In addition, Dial-IQ Analytics keeps track of call times and call volume in real time, allowing managers to monitor work by admissions staff. In addition, data filters can monitor by time period, lead source, and admissions representative. It also allows admissions representatives to record phone calls.

Leads360 offers a variety of plans and prices, depending on the features sought. It also offers a free trial. For more information, visit

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