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CampusCruiser Launches Academic Alert

CampusCruiser has released Academic Alert, a cloud-based platform designed to help colleges and universities identify at-risk students.

Throughout the lifecycle of a course, Academic Alert tracks student performance and engagement data, such as attendance, grades, time spent on assignments, assessments, and online classroom participation activities such as blogs, chats and journals, found in CampusCruiser LMS and CampusCruiser Portal.

It allows instructors to assign academic risk indicators and set up automatic alerts when student performance is above or below those levels. Alerts can be sent to the student, faculty adviser, and/or students. Students can also find their alerts in their online classroom.

Other features include:

  • Online and mobile access to academic alerts;
  • The ability to import student information data into Academic Alert;
  • Storage of many data points from online classrooms to help with tracking;
  • The ability to monitor students by group, such as first-year students, students in a particular major, or students on academic probation; and
  • E-mail notification templates, which can be customized by the user.

Mid-South and Northeast Iowa Community Colleges are two beta clients for CampusCruiser Academic Alert.

"The benefits of intervening early to ensure academic success are well known. The fact that this solution can automatically alert a professor, a student, and/or an adviser that academic help may be needed is great," said Melissa Cox Powers, instructional technology coordinator at Mid-South Community College.

Chris Ostwinkle, director of distance learning at Northeast Iowa Community College, said Academic Alert allows schools to use online classroom data to improve retention: "Many faculty and students are completing coursework and interacting in online classroom environments. This exciting tool will greatly enhance the ability to use that interaction to be proactive as it relates to retention."

On Tuesday, April 24 at 2 p.m. EST, Campus Technology will host a webinar titled Academic Intervention and Retention Based on Online-Behavior, featuring CampusCruiser. Both Powers and Ostwinkle will be participating.

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