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Schoology Launches SIS Integration Platform, $25K Challenge to SIS Vendors

Schoology, a cloud-based, collaborative learning platform for K-12 and higher ed classrooms, has released its SIS Integration Platform for student information systems (SISs). According to the company, the SIS Integration Platform is a turnkey solution intended to make it easier for SIS vendors to integrate with Schoology so the learning platform and student information systems can share information in real-time.

The Schoology SIS Integration Platform can work together with any SIS that has a Web-based application programming interface (API). The SIS Integration Platform includes monitoring, scaling, and auto-healing services and a unified user interface that provides consistent, cross-vendor provisioning and management in real-time, according to information released by the company.

PowerSchool from Pearson is the first SIS to integrate with Schoology using the SIS Integration Platform and PowerSchool's API. With the integration, updates from PowerSchool are pushed to Schoology immediately and assignments and grades from Schoology are pushed back to PowerSchool immediately.

The new Schoology SIS Integration Platform follows on the heels of Schoology's API and developer platform, which was released in June 2012 and enables third-parties to interact with and extend the features and functionality of Schoology, including the ability to build applications that run directly on the Schoology platform.

According to Jeremy Friedman, CEO of Schoology, the SIS Integration Platform is so robust and extensible that the company is offering a $25,000 challenge for up to 10 SIS vendors that they "can have complete system-to-system integration up and running in just days." To participate in the challenge, SIS vendors must provide Schoology with access to their Web API and corresponding documentation, and Schoology will use it to build a system-to-system integration within 10 business days. If Schoology is successful, it will pay $25,000 to the SIS vendor. For real-time, bi-directional information exchange capabilities, the SIS vendor must also provide Schoology with an event notification API or Webhook capability.

The Schoology Open SIS Challenge runs through May 2013.

Further information about the Schoology Open SIS Challenge, including terms and conditions, is available at

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Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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