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New College Research Tool Helps Students Organize Admissions Planning

Education software developer, Hobsons has launched a  mobile application designed to help college-bound students navigate the college admission process.

Based on its Naviance college and career readiness platform, Naviance Student is a free iPhone and iPod Touch app for students to research and manage college search tasks from their mobile devices.

Designed to help students manage the college admissions process, the mobile application features a database of more than 4,200 colleges and universities. Students can browse the profiles and organize and manage tasks such as meeting application deadlines, scheduling appointments with school counselors, and planning college visits. Students can also exchange messages with counselors, teachers, and parents.

Tasks and other activities can be synced with the Web-based Family Connection portal, which allows students, parents, counselors, and staff that are members of the Naviance network to search college options, view career inventories, and process college applications online.

Students can:

  • Research colleges and save them to a list;
  • Update and add tasks that can be associated with specific colleges;
  • Communicate with counselors;
  • Email or call a college directly from the application; and
  • Map college locations and plan visits.

Princeton City Schools in Sharonville, OH used the application for a year during a pilot program with 20 other selected schools.

"At Princeton City Schools, we believe technology levels the playing field for our students. We are excited to use the Naviance Mobile app since most of our students already use their mobile phones to access Web sites and social communities. The app will address another opportunity for us to help our kids with the college admission process," said Princeton City Schools Principal William Sprankles, in a prepared statement.

The Naviance Student mobile app is available to all Naviance Network members, as well as in the iTunes store for students to download.

For more information about the Naviance Student mobile application, visit the Naviance site.

Hobsons develops software platforms designed to help students, teachers, administrators, and parents with academic planning and post-secondary enrollment. Visit for more information.

About the Author

Sharleen Nelson is a freelance journalist based in Springfield, Oregon. She can be reached at [email protected].

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