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Manchester Metropolitan U Adds Video Streaming, Launches Social Video Portal

With the increasing demand for online video and rich media resources, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) will add a centralized video extension platform that integrates media capabilities into their existing Moodle learning management system (LMS).

To address the campus' video needs MMU selected an out-of the-box plugin from Kaltura that allows instructors to incorporate video, audio, and other media into their Moodle courses. The  Kaltura video extension provides the tools for students to collaborate, record from a webcam, contribute video to courses, and share media.

Key features of the extension include:

  • The ability to upload any rich media file;
  • Create and publish screencasts, audio, and webcam videos;
  • Create synchronized presentations;
  • Adaptive bitrate technology adjusts media delivery based on bandwidth and device type;
  • Support for playback on iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices;
  • Automatic device detection and Flash-HTML5 fallback;
  • Support for playback with ADA/508 compliant video players; and
  • A management console that allows administrators to adjust settings and view analytics.

"When evaluating the usage of our Moodle Virtual Learning Environment--the results are staggering--more than 450,000 hits per day, and 30,000 individual users. The growing use of online tools is coupled with a surge in demand for rich-media content and social video functionalities," said Professor Mark Stubbs, head of learning and research technologies at MMU, in a prepared statement. "When looking for our video partner, the choice was clear. Kaltura has everything we need--a seamless Moodle integration, a private video portal that give us full control, and a local [United Kingdom] team that can support us now and in the future."

Additionally, MMU plans to launch MMUTube, a social video portal featuring both public and private video channels. MMUTube is based on Kaltura's MediaSpace video portal application, a media source repository where users can search, watch, share, and upload videos.

Each video channel can be customized to fit the needs of the school. Typical uses include teaching and library materials, student uploads, and community, athletic club, and alumni related content. The application includes content search and browsing capabilities, including full transcript search, and includes support for user generated content, built-in video authoring tools, and sharing and social features.

Approximately 37,000 students annually attend Manchester Metropolitan University, a British university located in North West England. The central All Saints campus is situated close to Manchester’s city center. There are four additional campus locations, three of which are south of the city with a fourth in Cheshire. In the most recent financial year, the university had a total income of about $374 million.

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Sharleen Nelson is a freelance journalist based in Springfield, Oregon. She can be reached at [email protected].

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