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NYU, Duke, Chicago, and Florida International Partner with Internet2 To Launch Advanced Network Facility in Singapore

New York University, Duke University, University of Chicago, and Florida International University, in partnership with Internet2, have developed an advanced data and communications network facility in Singapore. The Internet2-operated facility was designed to provide advanced network and computing services, as well as applications, for research and education.

According to Internet2, the facility, located at the Tata Communications Exchange in Singapore, will help Internet2 member universities seeking to expand their international programs or better support existing campuses and research in Asia. The facility provides a regionalized global data center, local support and monitoring, enhanced and shared network infrastructure, high-definition video conferencing, and NET+ applications offered globally by Internet2. The facility will also help the universities save money by sharing the cost of space and equipment hosting facilities.

"Through this series of partnerships, students and faculty gain efficient access to the best infrastructure, services, and security in a collaborative environment that encourages breakthrough research and education," said said Rob Vietzke, vice president, network services for Internet2, in a prepared statement.

The advanced network facility is part of the regional network hub serving Asia-Pacific locations operated by Internet2 partner SingAREN and serves as a connection point for Internet2's advanced video services. According to Internet2, it will provide the organization's member universities with a secure common facility that is "deeply woven into the fabric" of global research and education collaborators, including interconnections with partners like SingAREN, TransPAC, GLORIAD, TIEN3, CSTnet, and CERNET.

Internet2 is a member-owned advanced technology community founded in 1996 by leading higher education institutions. More than 220 United States universities, 60 corporations, 70 government agencies, 38 regional and state education networks, and more than 100 nation research and education networking partners currently belong to Internet2. According to the organization, it provides a collaborative environment for U.S. research and education organizations to solve common technology challenges and develop innovative solutions to support their educational, research, and community service missions.

Further information about Internet2 can be found at Internet2's site.

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Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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