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AcademicPub Customizes Library Content for Colleges, Universities

SharedBook has added new features to AcademicPub Content Library that allow colleges and universities to customize content for their libraries.

AcademicPub Off The Shelf, announced this week, is a new feature of Custom College Plus, the company's custom publishing offering for higher education institutions. Custom College Plus provides schools with a branded AcademicPub Web portal that saves all custom course materials, book covers customized with school colors and logo, and choices for font, trim sizes, and alignment.

AcademicPub allows colleges and universities to select from 8 million resources, including text, rich media, and images, by more than 240 academic publishers. They are stored in the Content Library and can be incorporated into custom textbooks or digital coursepacks. Faculty can also upload their own materials for inclusion, include links to Web sites and third-party content, and access book content in the cloud.

Features of AcademicPub Off the Shelf include:

  • Administrative portal to designate and adjust prices based on licensed university agreements with publishers;
  • Student access to custom materials on any computer, smart phone, or tablet device;
  • Copyright compliance tools;
  • Selection of content from the AcademicPub Content Library; and
  • The most update-to-date materials.

Additional details can be found at

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