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Vernier Adds Logger Pro 3 to Connected Science System for Data Sharing

Vernier Software & Technology has enhanced its Logger Pro 3 software with wireless data sharing, allowing users to access and collaborate on experiment data via their tablet or mobile device.

Using a computer running Logger Pro 3 software (version 3.8.6 or newer) with data sharing enabled and a Vernier computer interface such as LabPro, LabQuest, LabQuest Mini, or Go!Link, teachers and students can now share and analyze data collected by Vernier sensors on their tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

To set up data sharing, students in a lab group set up an experiment with Vernier sensors and Logger Pro 3 as a data-sharing source, then start wireless data collection using the data sharing app. Experiment data is then streamed from the source to each student's app.

From there, each lab group member can perform individual analysis on their app and can take data and analysis home for further analysis and lab reports.

For teachers, the enhancement means the ability to share their demonstration data, or a lab group's data, with the whole class, or remotely monitor lengthy experiments being conducted outside of the classroom.

"For the teacher who already owns many Vernier sensors and interfaces, using Logger Pro 3 as a data source to wirelessly stream data to mobile devices is the least expensive way to incorporate tablets into the science classroom," said David Vernier, co-founder of Vernier, in a release. "We added data sharing features to Logger Pro 3 for those customers who need flexible, affordable technology."

The Vernier Data Share Web app is available at no additional cost and allows students to use a compatible Web browser such as Safari or Chrome to wirelessly collect, view, and analyze sensor data. Graphical Analysis for iPad can also be purchased from the iTunes App Store and used as a native iPad app to receive data on iPad from Logger Pro.

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Kevin Hudson is a freelance journalist based in Portland, Oregon. He can be reached at [email protected].

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