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CourseSmart Subscription Packs Provide Flat Fee for 6 E-Books

CourseSmart has unveiled an e-book service called Subscription Packs that allows students access to e-textbooks for a discounted flat fee. Available now, the Subscription Packs provide access to the digital materials for a set period of time and a limited number of e-books.

CourseSmart is an online platform that allows students to purchase e-textbooks and access them via computer or mobile device. Apps are available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, or students can access the platform at Students can check out up to five e-text books while online and read them later without an Internet connection. "My Bookshelf" is where students find their e-books.

Other features of CourseSmart include:

  • A linked table of contents;
  • Note-taking and highlighting tools;
  • Search by topic;
  • Print e-book pages;
  • Share pages with peers;
  • Copy and pasting of text;
  • Multi-level zoom; and
  • Bookmarks.

Subscription Packs allow students to buy six e-books for $200. They can choose from CourseSmart's 40,000 e-book titles from upwards of 50 educational publishers. E-textbooks can be accessed for 150 days from the day the Subscription Pack is purchased.

Without purchase of a Subscription Pack, CourseSmart e-book costs vary.

For more information, visit

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