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Remote-Learner Launches Fully Supported Moodle Service on Microsoft Azure

Remote-Learner, a Moodle partner that provides Moodle services and support, has released a fully supported, Microsoft Azure-certified Moodle service through the Azure Marketplace.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that lets organizations deploy and manage software as a service. According to Jason Cole, CEO of Remote-Learner, while "many organizations have discovered the advantages of running Moodle on cloud services instead of their own technology infrastructure," they have been lacking maintenance and support, on-demand training and custom configurations. Remote-Learner developed its Microsoft Azure-based Moodle services and support to provide educational institutions with the advantages of the cloud along with maintenance, support, training and configuration.

Remote-Learner's service for Moodle 2.7 on Microsoft Azure will include:

  • Preconfigured and maintained enterprise-level configuration of Moodle 2.7;
  • Access to a support portal;
  • More than 40 approved third-party addons; and
  • Access to the Remote-Learner's Learning Spaces on-demand training program.

Remote-Learner plans to make new major point versions of Moodle available through Microsoft Azure 90 days after the public release. Remote-Learner uses the 90-day window "to test the 40 addons, make sure the module maintainers have a chance to update their releases and get the first round of patches from the core team," according to a spokesperson from the company. Even as it introduces support for new versions of Moodle, Remote-Learner will continue to support Moodle 2.7 as long as Moodle does.

Remote-Learner developed the Microsoft Azure-based Moodle service in partnership with Nivel Siete, a Latin American Moodle partner with technical expertise in external cloud deployments, and Nivel Siete will also provide support and maintenance services for Latin American organizations.

Further information about Moodle on Microsoft Azure can be found on the Azure Marketplace.

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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