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Helix Education Launches Retention-as-a-Service

Helix Education has combined constituent relationship management technology with one-on-one student success coaching for a new Retention-as-a-Service offering.

The Helix Retain CRM system aggregates student data across the education lifecycle, utilizing enrollment, academic and behavioral risk factors to identify at-risk students. The company's proprietary RISE student success coaching model then uses the data to help advisers personalize their outreach strategies.

In addition, Helix teaches institutions how to manage its retention services on their own, so that schools can move the services back in-house over time.

"Helix allows us to take retention to a much higher level, putting a proactive, personal touch on all outreach," said Ed Schrader, president at Brenau University, in a press release. "By layering success coaching on top of the retention technology, we are developing a powerful resource to keep our students connected. We know how they are doing so we can be more hands-on when offering support, and they know they have someone to reach out to if they are struggling."

There are no up-front costs for the Retention-as-a-Service program — institutions pay based the incremental gain in retention rates that they achieve. For more information, visit the Helix Education site.

About the Author

About the author: Rhea Kelly is executive editor for Campus Technology. She can be reached at [email protected].

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