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CampusQuad Enhances Student Information Mobile Platform

Mobile platform provider CampusQuad is adding three new elements to its Student Success Platform, which organizes and delivers information to university students.

The platform already integrates an institution's disparate information sources into a single mobile-friendly channel that gives students any-time, self-service access to information about campus resources and events.

The new CQ Current is a data integration engine that collects information from the multiple university calendars, social media, event management, learning management and student information systems.

The information is funneled into a single, mobile channel, CQ Connect, that gives students access to everything going on around the campus. At the same time, it also can give students a personalized view of just the activities he or she is interested in.

Finally, CQ Effect is an analytics dashboard that helps student services representatives evaluate campus programs and services and assess levels of participation.

"CampusQuad pairs a mobile student experience with research-based elements that motivate involvement in campus life," said CampusQuad CEO and Founder Frances Cairns. "We spotlight trending activities, provide social prompts from students' personal network of groups and friends and increase discoverability of events through highly intuitive navigation that mirror mobile consumer experiences."

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.

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