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EasyVista Aims To Provide Full Range of Student Services With One Click

Software developer EasyVista has created a new suite of digital products designed to help higher education institutions interact with faculty and students on all the devices they want.

So far, Villanova and Gonzaga universities have incorporated EasyVista technology into their help desk operations, giving students and faculty a self-service option.

"It was not that long ago that Villanova issued laptops to every incoming student," said Nick Bruns, help desk manager at Villanova University. in a prepared statement. "Today we have to support whatever combination of IP-connected devices a student may bring with them. We accomplish this by combining our 'Techzone' genius bar along with innovative self-service options for our students and faculty to utilize. Working with EasyVista, we have integrated our help desk knowledge base and automation tools into our Techzone processes, greatly scaling the number of students we can serve through intelligent self-service and rapid resolution. Next up, we're creating a seamless freshman experience leveraging EasyVista ServiceApps. From campus maps to IT services and even reporting dorm room issues, it will be a one-click, single interface on any device experience. This puts Villanova's 'UNIT' Technology Services in a whole different light going forward."

"The average incoming freshman now brings three devices along with them to freshman orientation," said EasyVista Senior Higher Education Leader James Bradley. "University services need to be provided to students and educators in the mobile-app-one-click environment they understand."

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.

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