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GoFundMe Guidebook Says College Crowdfunding on the Rise

Image Credit: GoFundMe.

In the last three years, more than 130,000 individuals have raised $60 million from more than 850,000 donations for college-related expenses, including tuition and supplies, according to GoFundMe. The crowdfunding platform today released a new guidebook that highlights the growing trend of students using social fundraising to pay for school and includes tips to help students get started on their own campaign.

One notable college campaign, according to the guidebook, involved a student from Compton, CA who was accepted into Harvard University. The student used GoFundMe to raise $21,358 for tuition, room and board. In another campaign, an undocumented student who earned legal status through the DREAM act used the online platform to raise $9,315 to cover community college costs and compete in college track and field.

Additionally, the online crowdfunding platform has launched a new hub that will “serve as a resource for GoFundMe donors to find students,” according to the guidebook. There are also tips on how to initiate a successful crowdfunding campaign for college scholarships, study abroad programs, volunteer trips and more.

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