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University of Iowa Investigates Teaching with 3D Models

The University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine is experimenting with increasing student engagement through the use of 3D interactive learning tools.

University of Iowa Investigates Teaching with 3D Models 

Darren Hoffman, an assistant professor at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, knew that he wanted to improve the quality of learning for his students. He decided to work with Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy platform to integrate 3D imaging into his lesson plans.

“With these sorts of technology application studies, the first and most important thing is to determine that you don’t do any harm by replacing old techniques with new resources. We certainly cleared that bar,” Hoffman told Campus Technology via email.

Since many students can’t be in the lab at all times for self-directed study, Hoffman said they like the opportunity to play with the platform through manipulating models while they are working through their lectures or homework and research assignments.

“In essence, this resource gives them a self-directed study tool that addresses a common problem in anatomy – understanding how the detailed anatomical structures pass in front of/behind/on top of/under each other,” said Hoffman. “These issues are critically important for clinical practice, and many students had a hard time inferring these relationships from 2D diagrams.”

More information about the Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy platform can be found here.

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