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Kajeet Intros Sentinel Insights for Real-Time Decision-Making in IoT Management

Wireless connectivity and IoT company Kajeet has launched a new cloud-based data analytics platform called Sentinel Insights to enhance its flagship Internet of Things management tool, according to a news release.

Sentinel Insights uses machine learning and predictive analytics to give IT staff and educators real-time data, alerts, and visualizations in the form of actionable intelligence, the company said. The analytics dashboards are deeply customizable to each user, aggregating insights from various sources and enabling dynamic cohort analysis, allowing device managers to detect trends and anomalies across specific groups of users.

"Analyzing data trends and anomalies — such as how and when students use their devices, the content they consume, their engagement rate, etc. — can help educators produce better outcomes for their students," said Greg Jones, chief technology officer at Kajeet.

Research from Gartner shows that data literacy among device managers and IT staff is lacking, and public schools in particular lack the resources to gather, process, and interpret the data needed to ensure educators are getting the most good from their devices, Kajeet said. "Sentinel Insights eradicates these inefficiencies for organizations, providing an innovative solution that processes data and extracts meaningful takeaways to optimize their delivery against business goals."

Sentinel Insights is now available on Kajeet's Sentinel IoT management platform. For more information, visit the Kajeet site.

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