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Artificial Intelligence

Cypher Learning Introduces AI-Powered Copilot to Accomplish 80% of Gamified Course Creation in Minutes

Learning platform company Cypher Learning has announced its release of Copilot, which uses a customized AI strategy to do 80% of the work to create complete, gamified courses and competency aligned assessments in mere minutes, according to a release. This frees up educators' time to modify and provide specific learning resources based on student needs.

That final 20% of educator involvement, according to the company's website, involves "human intelligence, validation of content and the overall learning experience. After all, it's called Copilot, not auto pilot."

Copilot uses a variety of AI technologies, including (but not restricted to) ChatGPT, and can create courses for K–12, higher education, industry instruction, and skills development, Cypher Learning said.

Calling Copilot a "world first," the release noted the following features:

  • Courses can be created in over 50 languages. Educators can build a whole course or just part of it and can "modify it to your heart's content," said CEO Graham Glass.
  • Rubric creation, question banks, quizzes, games, and assessments can all be created to target and evaluate student learning. Students can earn badges and points as they complete modules.
  • Institutions can quickly create their own competencies and courses that align with them down to the question level.
  • Courses can be gamified to increase student engagement, learning, and retention.
  • Users do not need to be trained in AI to use the platform.

In a video on the Cypher Learning website, Glass explains the company's philosophy on the use of AI: "The Copilot is simple and intuitive to use, giving teachers and instructors an AI guided smart assistant who can cut their workload by 80% or more. This accelerates course development, allowing teachers and trainers to focus on the final 20% to polish and refine, ensuring that new courses can be added to stay ahead of the curve."

Visit the Copilot page to learn more and view demos.

To learn more specifics about course creation, visit the academic tour page.

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.

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