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Campus Technology May 2010 Cover

May 2010

E-Readers: Are we there yet?

Three university pilots investigate whether the Kindle, Sony Reader, and the like are truly the future of e-textbook content delivery.

Cover Story

Kindle vs book


The Device Versus the Book

When it comes to meeting the demands of academic reading, today’s e-readers are not yet ready to replace the textbook.

By Jennifer Demski


Best of Breed

Enterprise Resource Planning

Going With Best-of-Breed

ERP integration has become easier than ever—allowing institutions to focus on top-notch, specialized software while bridging the gaps between administrative and academic systems.

By Rama Ramaswami


Security with the wave of a hand


Security With the Wave of a Hand

Biometrics are finding a place on campus, but privacy concerns may inhibit wider acceptance.

By David Raths

The Web

18 Web 2.0 Tools for Instruction

Experts offer up their top picks of web 2.0 apps that are having a big impact on teaching and learning in higher education.

By Meg Lloyd



How Do You Measure Success?

The technology to link students to life after college is easy; its ultimate use is not

By Geoffrey H. Fletcher

CT Solutions


CT Solutions

The latest releases, services, and new product versions



Another Digital Divide

Community colleges lag far behind their four-year brethren when it comes to high-speed broadband internet access.