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June 2010 Campus Technology Magazine Cover

June 2010

In the Age of Google...Why Archive?

Cover Story

Digiotal repositories

Digital Repositories

Worth the Work

Even in the age of Google,digital repositories can addtremendous value to an institution. Yet creating and maintaining these collections is no small task. Three repository directors share their lessons learned and why they believe these vast onlineresources are…

By Dian Schaffhauser



7 Tips for Building Collaborative Learning Spaces

Technology and design can work together to maximize the effectiveness of new learning environments.

By Matt Villano


Digital Learning Spaces

Field of 3D Dreams

Manufacturers have a ‘build-it-and-they-will-come’ belief about
educational content for 3D projectors. With the cost of these devices coming down and immersive education on the rise, they may be right.

By Sara Stroud

Hardware & Software

No More Print on Demand

Want to end the student printing free-for-all? Campus policies and print management systems can leverage students’ desire to save money and the environment.

By Barbara Ravage


Geoff Fletcher


The Trust Game

When is tech savvy a requirement for professional competence, and when does it just not matter?

By Geoffrey H. Fletcher


Author Anya Kamenetz


The Moral Mission

Author Anya Kamenetz talks to CT about the institutional imperative to bring down tuition costs and make higher learning more accessible to more people.