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Campus Technology July Issue

July 2010

Special report: Making the Switch

Are you itching to ditch your legacy SIS? Do you dream about a new LMS that actually might meet your school’s needs?

And even so, are you letting that old adage—“Don’t change horses in midstream”—rein in what every neuron is telling you to do? Or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of new complicated products on the market.

Caution is understandable. Switching from one data-intensive system to another is just about the toughest job an IT team faces.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Campus Technology found examples of institutions that took a long, hard look at their current systems, decided that change was the best recourse, and then putin place a selection and transition process that helped them move seamlessly (well, mostly)from one system to the next.

In this special report, CT looks at the issues involved in switching enterprise systems. Wetalk to three schools that worked through the process of changing student information systems—what led them to take the plunge and how they managed the transition process.

We also look at three campuses that outgrew their learning management systems, to find out how they determined which LMS was the right one for their institution.

No one says it was easy—but they all show that it can be done.

Cover Story

Making the Switch

Surviving an SIS Breakup

Divorcing one student information system and hooking up with another can be a living hell. But if the right plan is in place, the transition—even with the inevitable glitches—can go surprisingly smoothly.

By Matt Villano

Making the Switch

Mission Critical: Selecting the Right LMS

With so many products on the market—boasting an ever-increasing menu of features—there are myriad factors that go into choosing a new learning management system. How well the LMS supports your school’s overall mission should be one of them.

By Dian Schaffhauser


Online Education

A Better Blend

The hybrid approach to learning has benefited both from the trials of early pioneers and the technological advances of recent years.

By Jennifer Demski


IT Leadership

Filling the Vacuum

How mentoring can serve as a cornerstone for your IT department’s succession plan.

By Bridget McCrea


EBS: Use It or Lose It

There may be idle wireless spectrum on your campus that could be utilized for broadband.

By Wendy Chretien




Follow The Content

Education publishers are seeing the writing on the wall for digital content. Are you?

By Geoffrey H. Fletcher



Seek and Ye May Find

An increase in higher ed IT job postings may be good news for job seekers.