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Syllabus magazine is the only monthly publication that focuses on the role of technology in higher education. Published since 1988, Syllabus' mission is to inform educators on how technology can be used to support their teaching, learning and administrative activities. Each issue includes feature articles, case studies, product reviews and profiles of technology use at the individual, departmental and institutional level. Regular features cover multimedia, distance learning, the Internet, quantitative tools, publishing and administrative technology. A variety of platforms are covered, among them, computers, video, multimedia and telecommunications equipment. The Syllabus website supports and expands upon the publication’s content covering the latest technology for higher education. For advertising and contact information, click here.

Syllabus Conferences are tailored to the needs of faculty, department chairs, administrators and technology staff and focus on technologies of strategic interest to the mission of higher education, particularly those that support the dual mission of teaching and research. The conferences provide a collegial environment in which attendees can exchange experiences and network with other IT professionals, educators and administrators, as well as discover the latest in technology products and services for higher education. All computer platforms, software types, and technologies are covered, including DOS/Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, multimedia, presentation devices, quantitative tools and more. Keynote speakers, presenters and panel members at the conferences reflect the editorial integrity and superior content of Syllabus magazine. For more information on the next Syllabus Conference, click here.

In addition, Syllabus publishes two e-newsletters focusing on education technology to keep industry professionals abreast of the latest news, trends and resources for higher education.Syllabus News Update is delivered twice a week in plain text format.IT Trends is designed in HTML and delivered twice a month.
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